Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten says late Sid Vicious ‘visits him in his sleep’

Ex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten says Sid Vicious haunts his dreams.

Bassist Sid – real named John Ritchie – died after a heroin overdose in New York in 1979. He was just 21 years old.

Johnny, 64, claimed that his old pal visits him while he is sleeping.

Asked if Sid “came to him in his dreams”, he said: “They all come into my dreams, yes.

“It’s like being visited (by Sid). I may be delusional, but it’s a wonderful delusion.”

His claim had eerie echoes of the 2009 play Kurt and Sid. The West End production saw Danny Dyer playing the ghost of Sid who was haunting the Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

God Save The Queen singer Johnny, who lives in Los Angeles, has previously told of feeling guilty that he took Sid into the notorious punk band.

He said his friend had been “ill-equipped” to deal with the pressures that came with global fame.

Johnny – real name John Lydon – went on: “Sid wasn’t the brightest spark on the planet, but I miss him very much.

“I felt really guilty bringing him into the Pistols because he was

ill-equipped to deal with the pressure.

“He wouldn’t listen – the result was always going to be a tragic death.

“All the hangers-on zoomed in on him and told him how wonderful he was and he got sucked up into it.

“Fame is a monster. It’s lucky that we (the rest of the band) survived.”

Speaking about the star’s descent into heroin addiction, John said it was Sid’s ‘safety blanket’.

He added: “Heroin was a natural safety blanket. It takes away those feelings of doubt.

“For me, self-doubt is one of my biggest motivators. It’s where I thrive.

“I can’t deal with compliments but I can handle an insult. It armours my artillery.”

The Sex Pistols singer also said that Sid’s girlfriend Nancy Spungen – who Sid was accused of killing after she died from a knife wound in 1978 – had been “poisonous”.

He claimed in an interview last week she was “malignant”.

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