Shawn Mendes performs this ritual before every show

It’s an exciting day when we uncover some new information about Shawn Mendes. His whole career has been in the spotlight, starting back in the days of Vine when he posted singing videos and gained a following, to him signing a record deal and touring the world. While Mendes has grown his career under the watchful eye of his millions of fans, there is still so much to discover about the Canadian entertainer.

Luckily for his fans, he is fairly open about his life and has even given insight into his personal relationships, like his romance with girlfriend Camila Cabello and his friendship with idol-turned-mentor and pal Matthew McConaughey. Perhaps the closest look fans get into Mendes’ thoughts and everyday life is his 2020 Netflix documentary In Wonder, which The New York Times said “seeks to expand our understanding of where he is, where he’s come from and where he’s headed.”

Mendes tries to add even more insight into his mind in an additional video related to his documentary on Netflix’s YouTube channel, in which he comments on scenes leading up to his massive hometown concert. While declaring his excitement for the show, the “Mercy” singer let fans in on a special piece of information: the ritual he performs before every show.

Shawn Mendes won't perform before showing some love

Prior to every show, Shawn Mendes says he warms up in a bathroom or dressing room, as those are the only two private rooms in an arena for the artist. However, that’s not the special ritual — warming up is routine for any artist’s pre-show schedule.

After he warms up, the “Wonder” singer walks up the stairs that lead him to the venue’s stage, and he takes a moment to kiss his guitar pick as the final piece to his pre-show routine. “So there’s always a pre-show ritual to kiss the pick and I would say whatever mantra: ‘We do it because we love it. We do it because we love music,'” he shares.

Following his ritual, Mendes feels energy exploding through his body. “You can feel the heat of the blood in the ends of your fingertips and it’s like you’re in the middle of a tornado and it’s like every calm, but if you find that kind of flow state, it’s a really beautiful moment right before you walk on stage,” he gushes.

Aside from his special ritual, when it comes time to hit the stage, Mendes says it’s all about connecting with his fans. “They just wanna have a great night and I always try to put myself in that position with them,” he explains in the video. “I’m like, ‘I wanna have a great night with you’ and then it ends up becoming this togetherness.”

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