Shell candles are all over Instagram – here's how to make them

If aesthetically pleasing homeware makes you happy, then the latest trend on Instagram is likely to bring a smile to your face. 

Shell candles are circulating all over our feeds and they’re an adorable feature for any sideboard or bedside table that’s looking a little dull.

The trend sees people filling up beautiful shells with candle wax and adding wicks from tea lights so they can be lit.

And the best part is you can make them at home. So, if you’re looking for a new hobby to pass the time during lockdown, they could be a great thing to busy yourself with.

Tara Smith, from Paint and Pebble, is one individual who has been busy making them and sharing her results on Instagram.

She tells ‘I’ve been working with natural materials in my artwork for three years now and love to experiment with new ideas in the studio. I also love using candles at home to relax and had recently finished my favourite candle. This sparked the idea of creating my own. 

‘Looking around in the studio, I saw my bigger sea shells that are too heavy for a canvas and I knew they would be perfect.

‘I found some old tea lights and I couldn’t stop making them. Each one was cuter than the last.’

Tara’s method for making the shell candles is below and her full experience can be found over on her blog…

How to make shell candles:

Once you’ve nailed the basics, there’s every reason to experiment with different designs.

Tara has previously used coloured waxes, alongside smaller shells and stones for added detail.

Other people are even using alternative shells, such as oysters, and the results are truly beautiful.

Not to mention their handmade nature means the candles can be given as unique gifts for loved ones.

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