Shoppers Say This $43 Hair Dryer Is as Powerful as a Dyson

Especially in the midst of the pandemic, the time to savor sweet deals is upon us. And if you're looking for a hair dryer that shoppers say goes toe-to-toe with Dyson's top-of-the-line blow dryer, it doesn't get better than Karrong's Ionic Hair Dryer — and for $43 compared to the Dyson's $400 tag, Amazon shoppers are thrilled with the find. 

The dryer has racked up over 1,000 five-star ratings on the website, along with the accolades that it's so tiny but mighty, and it dries shoppers' hair "within minutes." Reviewers write that they're amazed at how much power the compact body packs, adding that it supremely cuts down drying time for both straight and curly hair. 

Thanks to the 1,800-watt engine, shoppers with thick hair write that they were able to dry it in three minutes, compared to their usual 30-minute ordeal (cutting numbers down to a tenth is a theme here). Another person with curly hair writes that air-drying usually takes them a full 24 hours, but with the Karrong in hand, they were done in 20 minutes — and the diffuser keeps even fragile curls intact. 

Buy It! Karrong Ionic Hair Dryer, $43;

Spec-wise, the Karrong comes with high and low speed settings, along with three temperature choices for cool, warm, and hot airflow and a cool shot button. Its controls are situated along the handle à la Dyson, although the Dyson has it beat for overall sleekness with its tap-to-change speed settings and four heat options. Understandable, given that the Karrong is a tenth of the price.  

The Karrong's main strength is its ionic capabilities, which keeps the dryer gentle on hair and heat damage minimal, something shoppers say they especially appreciate given the difficulty of going to the salon right now. Reviewers write that their hair is left strong and smooth, and that the dryer is surprisingly lightweight given its powerful strength. Frizz and knots are no longer a concern with the "miracle worker," subbed out for glossy, silky hair.  

The last highlight is that it's so quiet, shoppers say their roommates couldn't even hear them using it, excellent news for those who do their hair routine at night. The passion runs so strong that one reviewer posed the question, "Can I be in love with a hair dryer? Because I am," a sentiment that's all the more heart-warming ahead of Valentine's Day. 

Who needs human love when you have a machine that does exactly what you need, is "super cute," and gives you endless great hair days to boot? 

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