Shouldve happened a decade ago! Merkel slammed as Scholz CUTS Putins gas pipeline

Nord Stream 2: Mistake 'must be corrected' says Vasylenko

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Mr Scholz, the new German Chancellor, ordered the withdrawal of a key document needed for certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The pipeline would have sent Russian gas to Germany, bypassing Ukraine and Poland on the route through the Baltic Sea. Mr Scholz was hit with a wave of calls from Western allies to scrap the project amid Russia’s soaring tension with Ukraine as fears of an imminent invasion have soared.

Until now, he has appeared reluctant to explicitly state whether he would cancel the £8billion project as a form of sanctions to discourage Mr Putin from sending troops into Ukraine.

But Mr Scholz said at a press conference today: “In light of the most recent developments we must reassess the situation in particular regarding Nord Stream 2.”

“The appropriate departments of the economy ministry will make a new assessment of the security of our supply in light of what has changed in last few days.”

It comes after German regulators had previously suspended the certification back in October after Mr Putin appeared to be pressing for the system to come online.

Angela Merkel, the former German Chancellor, has been slammed for striking this deal with Mr Putin in the first place.

While Moscow claims that the pipeline could double gas exports to Europe, it also sparked fears that Mr Putin’s grip on European energy could grow tighter.

Bill Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital, said: “Germany fears Russian gas retaliation if war breaks out.

“Maybe their leaders should have thought of that a decade ago and diversified when Russia started cutting off gas the first time.

“Instead the Germans built Nord Stream 2 to become even more dependent.”

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