Singer Baby Rose Is Letting Her Light Shine No Matter What — Everyone Else Will Have to Adjust

It had been over a month since Baby Rose and I were initially supposed to chat. Due to unforeseen circumstances and busy schedules, we kept pushing our interview, but we finally got to talk over the phone on Aug. 26. Settled in at my kitchen table with my second cup of coffee — you know how those midday lulls hit — I hopped on the line for my scheduled meeting with the 26-year-old singer.

Rose, born Jasmine Rose Wilson, champions the notion that most things happen exactly when they should. The month-long process of setting up our interview seems to validate that idea. When we speak, it’s only three days after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI, and the Black community is experiencing yet another wave of heightened pain and exhaustion. In our unity as two Black women, matters surrounding the country’s social consciousness are bound to seep their way into our conversation, and they do. But it feels like a necessary venting for both of us and eventually turns into an expression of admiration for Black people’s longstanding resilience. “That’s the power of our people,” she noted. “We’re joyful. Even in the worst situations, we’re able to keep our spirits high.”

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