Six legged calf finds new home after ‘surviving against all odds’

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A “very special” bull calf has “survived against all the odds” after he was born with two extra limbs hanging from his top shoulders, like angel wings. An appeal to find him a new home was shared by hundreds of people within days. The farmer who welcomed the special calf into the world contacted Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing as he wanted him to go to a good home.

An appeal was launched on Facebook. It read: “I’ve been contacted by someone who is a farmer. One of their calves was born last year with six legs. The usual four and two that hang from the shoulders.

“He’s survived against all the odds and the farmer is looking to find someone who would be willing to take him and keep him as a pet. He’s a lot smaller than the rest of his herd.

“The smaller of the two extra legs may be able to be removed, but their vet said the larger one is attached to his spine and it would be too risky to try.

“It’s not practical for the farmer to keep him as he would have to keep him apart from all the others and that wouldn’t be fair on him. Let’s all pull together and get him a safe house where he can live his life out naturally.”

The post was shared by hundreds and a new home for the calf was secured soon after the appeal was launched.

The calf is still unnamed but Thor is thought to be a main contender.

In a follow up post, a spokesperson for the charity said: “I was so overjoyed to see that the post about the six legged bull calf reached 49,000 people, had over 300 comments, and over 100 messages all within 24 hours.

“The post was also shared by over 400 people all pulling together to find this wee man a forever home where he can live his life out naturally. Now this is the bit that I want you to think about.

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A few years ago, there were reports of a ‘mutant’ cow born in China who had five legs.

The cow narrowly missed out on being put down as no farmers were willing to buy the animal, fearing it would die quickly and result in a financial loss for its owner.

However, his current owner Mr Chen decided to bring the cow home out of “curiosity”, and says he has been happy to see the animal mature into adulthood without any issues.

The limb has not developed over the months, with local agricultural experts saying it is unlikely to affect the cow’s wellbeing. Huang Weiquan, a local breeder, said the cow is not really deformed or a mutant as many believe, but simply the only survivor in what was once a pair of twins.

Additional reporting by Shauna Corr.

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