Sky Broadband down: UK internet users unable to get online

Sky customers across the UK are experiencing a frustrating drop in services as the broadband appears to have gone down.

Reports began to flood the website DownDetector from 11.30am on Thursday, August 20, from customers around the country.

London, Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds appear to be the source of most reports, but Edinburgh and Glasgow are also affected.

Angry Sky customers have been taking to Twitter to let the Internet Service Provider (ISP) know about the blackout.

At time of writing, Sky appears aware of the problem and is directing people to its help page.

According to DownDetector, 89% of the issues are centered around internet connectivity while 9% say they are having problems with their TV service.

‘Sky broadband has gone down for the third time today, and about the 50th time this week,’ wrote one user on Twitter.

‘Very frustrating for customers who are currently working from home and no way you can speak to an advisor.’

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