Sky Sports viewers in hysterics as commentator Efan Ekoku says Burnley keeper Nick Pope is 'special between the sheets'

SKY SPORTS viewers were in hysterics when a commentator mistakenly said Burnley goalkeeper Nick Pope was "special between the sheets".

Efan Ekoku made the hilarious mishap while commentating on Norwich against Burnley, sending fans into meltdown.

While discussing Pope's phenomenal clean sheet record, Ekoku inadvertently revealed an intimate knowledge of the shot-stopper's off-field talents.

The England keeper has notched 14 shut-outs in just 37 league games this season but until now his bedroom antics were less well-known.

Former Wimbledon striker Ekoku was quick to correct himself but the damage had already been done with fans going into overdrive on social media.

He said: "Sounds like this guy's pretty special between the sheets…between the sticks I should say."

One supporter was quick to make light of the situation, saying: "That's level of detail for which every pundit should strive."

Another added: "Insider knowledge perhaps…"

A fan suggested Sky's big-name pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher would not have been capable of producing such a genius line.

They said: "Efan Ekoku saying Nick Pope is special between the sheets is the kind of analysis that @GNev2 and @Carra23 can only dream of coming up with."

One viewer suggested it was a creative way to spice up a potential dead rubber, they said: "How to liven up a game where teams are playing for nothing: No one:

"Commentator: Nick Pope is pretty special between the sheets. Brilliant and harmless."

But Norwich did their best to cause even more excitement after being reduced to NINE men before the break.

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