Sony PlayStation 5 Sets Record for Fastest-Selling Console Ever

Sony‘s PlayStation 5 has made history as the fastest-selling console in America.

Sales have been measured in both unit and dollar by analyst firm NPD Group. This success is significant for Sony as the company had struggled to keep up its supply to the overwhelming demand. If you’ve noticed, getting your hands on a PS5 has been no easy feat. Sony, along with every tech giant, has suffered from the global chip shortage.

Despite this, PS5 sold more units than any console in the U.S. in the first five months of its launch. Executive Director of NPD Group Mat Piscatella added that not only is it the fastest-selling game console, but it’s also “the fastest-selling hardware platform.”

Sales in gaming, overall, have climbed up significantly over the last few years. Americans spent $14.9 billion USD on gaming, which is a whopping 30-percent increase compared to 2021 Q1, which actually doesn’t seem too surprising when this statistic is prefaced with Nintendo and Microsoft‘s successes.

In case you missed it, Sony is planning on bringing PlayStation games to mobile.
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