Sophie Countess of Wessex body language shows she acts as ‘template’ for Kate Middleton

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, is a senior royal and the wife of Prince Edward, 56. Kate Middleton joined the family in 2011 when she married Prince William, both 38.

The Duchess of Cambridge also took on a senior working royal role when she married.

In their senior positions, Kate and Sophie will often represent the Royal Family at various events.

They will usually attend royal events such as Trooping the Colour and the royal Christmas Day service.

During some of these outings, Kate and Sophie have been spotted together.

The two royals appear to get on well and share a “mutual respect”, according to body language expert Judi James.

This could be because they both hold important royal roles.

Judi told “There are signs of mutual respect between the two women.

“Kate for Sophie’s unique role in the previous generation of the royal firm and Sophie for Kate’s rank as future Queen.”

While they are not seen together very often, their body language could show a close relationship.

In fact, Sophie may have taken on a motherly role with the Duchess of Cambridge, Judi claimed.

“Many of the poses of the two women together show Sophie face-checking Kate with quite strong bouts of watchful-looking eye contact to suggest she’s taking a semi-maternal approach,” Sophie said.

“Although we normally only seem to see these two royal wives together at more formal events, the body language signals between them show high levels of mirroring and focus on one another that hint that Sophie might have dropped gently and discreetly into place as the royal mother-in-law that Kate never had.”

Over the years, the two royals have stood together at the Cenotaph during Remembrance Sunday services.

Analysing pictures from these events, Judi explained there were signs of genuine friendship.

“The crinkling around the sides of Kate’s mouth, chin and cheeks here suggest she’s suppressing a laugh on this rather solemn occasion,” she continued.

“Sophie’s smile also looks suppressed here, with similar crinkling – plus the way that she’s pulling the corners of her lips down as her mouth opens.

“These signals of mirrored suppressed smiling rather than wide social grins that might be just for show suggest ties of friendship between Sophie and Kate.”

As Sophie married into the Royal Family many years before Kate, she could also have acted as a role model for the Duchess.

Kate may have looked to Sophie for advice on how to adapt to her royal role, Judi suggested.

She said: “Windsor men make notoriously difficult husbands but Sophie must have been like a walking template for Kate on how to make a marriage work.

“Also, on how to be nearly pitch perfect at a royal role while also gaining the trust and approval of The Queen.”

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