Spider expert busts myths about daddy long legs in time for creepy crawly season

Spider season is well and truly underway leaving many of us dreading encountering the eight legged creepy crawly in our homes.

With many us attempting to find tricks in order to spider-proof our homes to rid of the arachnids – like this spider catcher hack.

However, spiders are not the only common pest we see in our homes this time of year.

Many people often mistake daddy long legs to be spiders, but according to the Wildlife Trust the winged insects are actually crane flies.

The common misconception is often due to their long legs – hence the name.

Spider or not, an expert has revealed as to why we shouldn't kill daddy long legs despite people's phobias.

As reported by CoventryLive, this type of crane fly is entirely harmless and so they do not bite like some spiders do.

Karl Curtis, Director of Reserves and Community Engagement at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, said: "They are out this time of year because basically, they are hatching out of our lawns and various places – they live a lot of their lives underground as a grub, as a larva, and then what they do is they hatch out over the summer.

"Probably now is the last throw of the dice, and what they do is they come out and looking to mate, lay eggs back into vegetation and then they die off.”

The expert continued: "They often get confused with spiders but they're not, they're flies, they're a really good food source for birds, they're really important to play their part so people should let them out their windows and not kill them."

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Although many people want to rid daddy long legs out of their home, Mr Curtis said that the use of fly sprays can be bad for the environment and other animals, so should be avoided.

Additionally, the expert stated that crane flies are not actually poisonous unlike many people believe.

Therefore, the home invading bugs should not be feared.

Mr Curtis argued that the bad reputation most likely originates from a case of mistaken identity as people often confuse daddy long legs with cellar spiders.

He said: "The very long spindly spiders that you get in the corners of your room, they're called cellar spiders, those do pack a punch, but they are not dangerous to humans.

"[Crane flies] they're absolutely harmless. While the female has a point on the end of her abdomen, that's to lay eggs, it's not a stinger.”

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