Spoilers: Joy as Elly is freed but will Andrea let her leave alive in Neighbours

It has been so touch and go for Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) for a while in Neighbours and for a moment there it looked like she’d lose everything; her freedom, her baby, and even her life, if Andrea (Madeleine West) had her way. But hero Toadie (Ryan Moloney) saves the day and finds a way to get her out of jail. It’s great news all round, but of course, that is if she makes it to release day.

Toadie’s work pays off, he manages to orchestrate her release from jail after a bit of careful investigative work having noticed something was up with her sentencing. He tries to push her release through as quickly as possible, but will he manage to arrange it in time?

He has no idea how much danger she’s in – while he’s busy with the paperwork, Elly finds herself the centre of a dangerous tussle, caused by none other than Andrea. Her freedom is right there within her grasp, but Andrea could be about to take it right away.

The violence escalates and it’s looking like Elly might not make it to her release, but at the last minute she is saved when a prison officer comes to tell her about her release and is forced to break up the fight.

Now comes the big news for her and the bombshell is dropped; not only does she learn she’s free, but also that Claudia tried to steal her baby, and that Shaun didn’t die in an avalanche after all. How will a fragile Elly react to all of this huge news? While she might be free physically, mentally it might not be the case.

Huge changes are a foot for Elly as she gets used to the idea of no longer having to pee in front of other people, as Shaun gallantly returns beautiful baby Aster to her family so she’ll be ready and waiting for her when she gets out.

Realising the gravity of what she’s done, Claudia takes herself off to the police station. And when she’s later confronted by the Kennedy women, it further sinks in and she realises just what’s become of her. Perhaps she’s not entirely evil after all as it appears she does actually have a conscience.

Elly now has to face the reality of leaving prison and returning to life on Ramsay Street. She has a lot to get her head around, and so does Shaun. Shaun feels cut off when the family rush to comfort each other, leaving him to fend for himself despite what he’s also lost and adjusting to.

But he picks up on something – whenever Elly has the chance to leave the house, she quietly declines. Is there something wrong here?

Scenes air from Monday 8th June on Channel 5.

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