Spoilers: Toadie blindsided on date with Rose in Neighbours

Things are heating up for Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Rose (Lucy Durack) after originally getting off on the wrong foot in Neighbours. It seems Toadie might even be falling for his PA.

Toadie is getting a little soft spot for Rose and decides to help her out by being a bit naughty and pointing her towards her husband James’ hidden assets. She’s of course incredibly grateful for the little nudge as this is a huge deal given that it puts his job at risk, and decides to cook him dinner as a thank you. Toadie is only too pleased to take her up on the offer but nothing gets past Susan (Jackie Woodburne) who senses the sparks – is Rose angling for a date?

She puts the thought in Toadie’s head and while he laughs it off, it gets him thinking. Is he starting to get feelings for Rose?

Seems like it as after dinner the pair plan a second date and it’s all just delightful. That is until they have a gate crasher – Rose’s husband James. And James is no daft guy, he quickly twigs that Toadie is behind Rose getting at his hidden assets. This is bad news.

But Toadie is left shocked by what he has to say – James has a very serious deal for the lawyer. A very shocking deal. One that he might not be able to refuse.

Now Toadie is in a huge conflict. Does he follow his head or his heart? Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) isn’t convinced by what’s going on and does some digging, learning that James still loves Rose. And poor Toadie is in for another shock – Rose still loves him back. Is that  it for his new love interest already?

Scenes air from Monday 19th October on Channel 5.

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