Staying Hydrated Has Never Been Easier With These Irresistible Sparkling Waters

Sparkling water is the new cool kid in beverage town, and it’s hard to argue against it. Whether you’re looking for a more delicious way to stay hydrated because plain old water can get super boring or if you want to mix up your cocktails, bubbly water is the ultimate way to switch up your drink routine. The best part about sparkling waters is that they offer just a dose of sweetness without hardly any sugar (or none) so you can feel good about drinking one — or three — a day in order to reach your daily water intake goal.

More and more sparkling waters are hitting the shelves these days, which means more fruity goodness to stock our pantries with. From classic plain carbonated water, which will make you feel like you’re dining al fresco in Italy, to fun flavors like pineapple and strawberry, it’s like having a fruit stand in drink form at home. They’re the perfect mid day pick-me-up when your coffee’s stopped working and you’re reaching for the end-of-the-day finish line. We’re just warning you though, they’re about to become your new (guilt-free) habit. Below, we’ve rounded up the most mouthwatering sparkling waters that’ll keep your hydration station fresh and flavorful.

1. Bubly Lime Sparkling Water

Bubly’s been making waves in the drink world recently, thanks to the vibrant designs and quirky phrases on the soda flip top that make them downright irresistible. Made with natural flavors and with no added sweeteners or calories, you can finally feel good about your mid-day carbonated drink choice. And if you’re looking to boot that daily soda habit, swapping in one of these equally tasty beverages should do the trick. The lime flavor is a classic that you can drink straight up or mix in your favorite cocktail. There are also plenty of other tasty flavors to choose from, so you’ll never get bored.

2. San Pellegrino

Feeling like you need a vacation but can’t get away? Open up a bottle of San Pellegrino, and you’ll feel instantly more relaxed. One of the original sparkling waters, you can’t get more authentic than this, especially if you’re just looking for a refreshing, unflavored option. Drinking one of these will make you feel like you’re not stuck at home or the office and more like you’re enjoying a nice day on the patio in Italy.

3. Spindrift Lemon Water

If you want anything but ordinary, look no further than this must-have brand to stock up your pantry with. Unsweetened and made with real-squeezed fruit, you’re not getting any of those overpowering, artificial flavors often found in soft drinks. That’s right, all you’ll find in these mouthwatering cans are carbonated water and real fruit, so you know exactly what’s inside. With exciting flavors like pineapple, raspberry lime, and a more classic lemon, it’s nearly impossible to get bored of these flavors.

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