Steph Curry Is Still Unsure If He Will Join Team USA for 2021 Olympics

With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics coming up and COVID-19 still in full force, many players are still wary of going to Japan to compete.

Steph Curry, the star point guard of the Golden State Warriors was amongst a handful of players who have vowed to represent their country in Tokyo prior to the pandemic. Recently, players are rethinking their trip to Japan, including LeBron James who recently announced he will sit out this year’s Olympic games.

The San Francisco Chronicle obtained a quote from Curry stating, “I’m literally 50-50. I probably need to decide in the next two weeks.” It also reports that a gold medal from the Olympics is currently what is missing in Curry’s repertoire, though it appears the PG has yet to make up his mind.

Other basketball stars like Damian Lillard have also expressed their interest in joining Team USA basketball but it remains to be seen if Curry can be persuaded to go to Tokyo.

In other NBA news, the Phoenix Suns make the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 11 years.
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