Strictly Come Dancing: Ranvir’s body language ‘desperate’ as Giovanni ‘uncouples’

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Strictly Come Dancing is a show famous for its chemistry between couples. Body language is a fascinating way to interpret what’s really going on between two people. An expert has revealed to what this showed on tonight’s episode of Strictly.

Body language expert Judi James revealed celebrity Bill Bailey and his professional partner Oti Mabuse as well as Ranvir Singh and pro Giovanni Pernice might be on the rocks if tonight’s dancing was anything to go by.

“This was the night that two show favourites hit the buffers,” said Judi.

“For the very popular Bill Bailey it might not have been fatal but for Ranvir and Giovanni the place in the final might just not be a given now after all.”

Until now Ranvir and Giovanni have displayed positive chemistry – but this might have expired.

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“The body language of the professional dancers is always telling at this stage of the contest,” Judi explained.

“They know how the two routines have gone in rehearsal and they will have a good idea of the outcome on the night.

“Giovanni has so far looked romantically supportive of Ranvir, bathing her in loving eye contact and touching head kisses but tonight there were signs of a partial disconnect that boded badly for their waltz and their jive.”

Giovanni’s body language suggests he is “uncoupling” while Ranvir is “desperate”.

“In one shot we saw Gio with his arm around the back of the sofa close to Ranvir’s shoulders but in another shot, during the same scene he was knotted up with his arms crossed in a barrier ritual,” said the expert.

“Ranvir looked almost desperate to get his attention and to please him.

“When she cried over her family videos she then rolled her eyes at Gio before collapsing into his shoulder to rub his chest with a blissful-looking smile.”

“His legs were crossed away from Ranvir in some of the shots when they sat together and although he was kissing her head after the first dance the jive was more about Giovanni showing off his biceps and dancing apart from Ranvir and there was a lack of the signature head-kiss gesture after the routine turned out to be roundly criticized.

“Their waltz was danced to the Romeo and Juliet theme and when she arched her back and their pelvises melted together there were elements of their usual breathtakingly romantic moments but none in their jive, and without Giovanni’s body moulded around her own Ranvir appeared to lose her sparkle along with some of her techniques.

“There was an air of conscious uncoupling from Giovanni’s body language by the time they had reached the balcony.

“He gave a nice speech about Ranvir’s increased confidence but he was looking rather annoyed at how the evening had gone.”

Things weren’t much better for comedian Bill, leaving his partner “forcing” a smile.

“When we saw clips of Bill’s routines to date it was painfully apparent that he has been getting worse recently rather than better,” detailed Judi.

“If the final had been a couple of weeks ago he would have been a shoo-in to win but his tango tonight was full of off-balance wobbles and errors, leaving Oti wearing a very forced-looking smile by the end of it.

“Bill had softened emotionally tonight though and Oti was snuggling up to his arm during his messages from home in a bid to offer empathy and support.”

Fortunately, the funny-man has retained his popularity which bodes well.

Judi explained: “Unlike Ranvir, who really did seem to accept her criticism with a brave smile, Bill still seems to have the full support of the judges, who sound keen to have him in the final week whatever.

“His popularity is obvious and he is very much the one people tune in to watch, meaning he could still manage a win, despite the hard work and solid ‘tens’ some of the younger celebs are getting.”

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