Student fuming as ‘cheer up’ cake sent to her via Royal Mail arrives half-eaten

A woman was baffled when she received a damaged parcel to find a half-eaten cake inside.

Tamara Johnson, who lives in London, had not been feeling well and was expecting a package from her mum who sent her Black Forest gateaux slices to cheer her up.

But the surprise gift turned disaster when the university student received a damaged box covered in plastic wrap with a note by Royal Mail.

She took it to TikTok and shared what happened after she opened the box.

Tamara says: "So this morning I got this little box in the mail and it came in one of those damaged bags with this damaged chunk taken out of it.

"I was like, what has happened here? So I opened it up and saw a note from my mum. Basically it was slices of cake."

She then points out that she has only received one slice, instead of two.

Tamara explained: "This wrapper was in here and it was empty, so I called my mum and asked how many slices of cake did she send and she said two!"

She believed that someone had eaten the slice during the process of the package being sent out and delivered.

The student accused: "Someone has ripped open the package, eaten a slice of cake, and then put the wrapper back in, and still delivered it to my house!

"Royal Mail, you've got some explaining to do."

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An apology note attached on the parcel stated that Tamara could claim for the damage if she filed it online.

Some viewers suggested it could have been damaged by rats, with one saying it looked like "it's been chewed".

But Tamara replied: "That has been thought about but the other slice wasn't touched and packaging was completely intact so I can't imagine it being an animal."

Daily Star has contacted Royal Mail for comment.

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