Studio Ghibli Joins CA4LA for Premium 'Porco Rosso' Headwear

Japanese hat purveyor CA4LA has just teamed up with Studio Ghibli for a Porco Rosso capsule.

The main character, Porco Rosso, from the classic Hayao Miyazaki animated film, gets his personal headwear crafted for the real world. The first piece is the Porco Rosso Flight Cap, a staple cap he wears when boarding his crimson “flying boat” the Savoia S.21. This cap is made from premium cowhide from Himeji, has handmade goggles, and has a lining that’s stamped with official Porco Rosso branding.

Second is the Crimson Pig Porco Rosso Hat, a hat that our hero often wears with a trench coat and sunglasses. This fedora is made from fine-grained merino wool, is hand-dyed, and has an extra tall crown. Priced at ¥66,000 JPY and ¥22,000 JPY (approximately $600 and $200 USD) respectively, the CA4LA Studio Ghibli Porco Rosso capsule is made-to-order and will take up to three months to deliver. Those interested can head to CA4LA’s dedicated webpage.

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