Subway workers reveal the WEIRDEST sandwich orders they've had to make

Subway workers reveal the WEIRDEST sandwiches they’ve ever had to make, from a toasted tuna sub with SPLENDA on top to a footlong with nothing but mayonnaise, salt, and pepper

  • A recent Reddit prompt asked current and former Subway employees to share the strangest orders they’ve filled
  • Several described horrifying concoctions with tuna or mixed and matched meat
  • Other customers wanted copious amounts of oil, mayo, cheese, or olives
  • One little boy wanted extra holes cut in his Swiss cheese 

Subway employees are sharing the strangest and most horrifying sandwich orders that they ever had to make.

In response to a recent AskReddit thread, current and former employees at the chain are spilling stories on the most bizarre and disgusting requests they ever had to fill.

Proving that they’re the real heroes, employees have recalled serving up bread with just condiments, sandwiches slathered in oil, and whole bags of lettuce to customers with some very particular preferences.

A sub-par experience: Subway employees are sharing the strangest and most horrifying sandwich orders that they ever had to make (stock image)

Some orders appear to be burned forever in Subway employees’ brains, like what a particularly hungry 6′ 5″, 300 lb. man used to buy.  

‘The guy would get a footlong with the BBQ rib patty (the most disgusting thing on the menu) AND the veggie patty (the second most disgusting thing on the menu). He would also get quadruple extra bacon (the same amount as a footlong BLT with double meat). 

‘IN ADDITION to all the meat, he would get regular amounts of every cheese. Just to recap, at this point he has enough meat for 4 footlongs, and enough cheese for 4. On one God-damn footlong.  

‘Now, here’s where it gets good,’ the commenter added. ‘This dude wouldn’t get any veggies. He would ask for just salt (not salt and pepper, just salt). And the cherry on top, he would say, “Don’t bother cutting it in half. Just gonna start at one end and stop at the other.”‘

Another commenter had an even more unappetizing memory.

‘Weirdest or at least most disgusting one was this guy who would come in regularly and order a Tuna Pizza. We would literally take the tuna salad and just put a layer of it across the pizza then cover it with cheese and bake it for a few minutes,’ they wrote.

Yet another commenter said the foreign exchange students from South Korea living in town ‘would always order the meatball subs with scoops of “seafood sensation” which was just mayo and imitation crab. Then have it toasted.’

A trucker with a sweet tooth at another location would asked for a toasted tuna sandwich with extra pickles and 2 packets of Splenda on top. 

Ordering an unreasonable amount of a single ingredient was a popular theme among commenters, who asked for ‘extra’ of everything from olives to oil to cheese. 

‘One lady would come in and get the cold cut combo and ask for oil on it,’ wrote a commenter. ‘I always loved watching new employees make her food because of the look of amusement, turning to confusion, turning to horror as she demanded more oil.’

In fact, if the bottle was emptied on her sandwich, she’d demand it be refilled so she could have more oil.

‘By the time you were done the bread was so saturated with oil that it just mushed apart if you tried to touch it. You had to use the paper to try and topple the oily mess into a vaguely sub shaped blob and roll it up fast before it leaked everywhere.’

One former employee recalled a pregnant customer who would order a footlong ham sandwich — with a mind-blowing amount of olives.

‘Like MULTIPLE, whole handfuls of black olives. So much, that it was hard to close up and wrap the sandwich without some olives spilling out,’ he said.

Real heroes! Employees have recalled serving up bread with just condiments, sandwiches slathered in oil, and whole bags of lettuce to customers with some very particular preferences

The woman told him that ‘it was the baby that wanted the olives,’ and the other employees wouldn’t put enough on the sandwich — so she’d always request that he make the sandwich.  

And yet another woman, according to a former employee, ordered ‘just a double helping of American cheese on white bread. No veggies, no condiments. Just cheese.

‘Eventually she started asking for more and more cheese until it was easily 10x what came on it. She must have been bummed when I quit.’

One more commenter recalled a guy who ‘would order two full bags of lettuce on his sandwich every day. Imagine 2 pounds of lettuce on some bread.’

Like the oil-loving lady, there were several customers who really like their condiments. 

Another Subway employee said a customer ordered a ‘six-inch Honey Wheat, just condiments…  All of them, if you don’t mind.’

And yet another would ‘come in regularly to order a foot long on white, double mayo, salt [and] pepper.’

Not all of the ‘weird’ orders would turn a person’s stomach, though.

Once commenter said they had to cut extra holes in Swiss cheese for an eight-year-old customer, who was clearly more interested in aesthetics than bang for his buck.

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