Swizz Beatz Dragged for Alluding Janet Jackson Isn’t On Par With Missy Elliott for ‘Verzuz’

Meanwhile, the ‘Work It’ rapper takes to Twitter to defend the ‘When I Think of You’ hitmaker, saying that she was at ‘home watching Janet when she was already a SUPA Star.’

AceShowbizSwizz Beatz has landed in hot water over his comments on Janet Jackson as he talks about the idea of having Janet facing Missy Elliott in an episode of his and Timbaland‘s show “Verzuz”. While discussing the matter with Timbaland in a video, which has circulated online, Swizz appeared to be rejecting the idea, alluding that Janet wasn’t on a par with Missy.

It’s unclear when the video was taken, but it showed Timbaland suggesting a Verzuz episode featuring his longtime collaborator and good friend Missy and the sister of Michael Jackson. Swizz, however, didn’t think it was a good idea as he shook his head and said, “Because Missy can be multiple people. Janet gonna just be Janet.”

Timbaland disagreed, saying that the two women are “great friends” and amazing artists. “The celebration is gon’ be great,” Tim went on saying. “Missy gon’ wanna celebrate with somebody of her caliber that she knows that it’s gon’ be a great celebration. I know my sister. I know her.”

Later they talked about when Missy was commenting on their Live and Swizz told her, “Sis, we need you.” They asked Missy to name who she wanted to face in a song battle because they would try to work it out. Missy allegedly wrote that Janet’s “vault was too big.”

Unsurprisingly, Swizz’s remarks about Janet enraged her fans. One of them tweeted, “Swizz Beatz saying that Janet Jackson doesn’t have the vault to do a #verzuz against Missy. Why say this shit on live? Janet has #1 hits across THREE different decades. 27 top 10 hits on the BB Hot 100: 10 #1s and 16 #1s on the R&B Charts. 7 #1 albums across FOUR DECADES.” Another fan chimed in, “Swizz Beatz sounded foolish saying that. If he thinks Janet doesn’t have 20 joints for a Verzuz he just doesn’t know music.”

Even Missy defended Janet as she wrote on Twitter on Monday, September 14, “Lol I was home watching Janet when she was already a SUPA Star so that tells you how BIG her vault of hits is.” In response to her tweet, someone wrote to the “Get Ur Freak On’ rapper, “ThankU Missy. Swizz Beat’s U owe Janet Jackson an apology.”

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