T-Demand Slams, Stances, and Styles the 2023 Toyota Prius

When Hypebeast got its hands on the 2023 Toyota Prius Prime XSE Premium earlier this year, we asked if it could finally be considered “cool.” Evidentially, we weren’t the only ones inspired by the Japanese hybrid’s fetching new look, as the tuning company T-Demand has revealed its extravagant take on the iconic automobile.

With T-Demand’s touch, this Prius is far from the one your uncle or Uber driver whips around in. Instead, attention has been paid to stance, a JDM staple.

As such, we find a list of tuning options including new upper and lower arms, toe control, and Pro Arm dampers and toe arms. Air suspension has also been fitted to T-Demand’s show cars, dropping the Prius to heights that wouldn’t clear a residential speed hump, while six-pot calipers now hug 380mm disc brakes, adding plenty of stopping power to your hybrid car.

The stance is most noticeable on the model wearing a new set of rims, which stick out the sides thanks to a heavy amount of negative camber. Sitting alongside those angular lights, the lower splitter and wide rear end, and this Prius is one of the meanest around.

Take a look at the T-Demand Toyota Prius in the gallery above, and find more online.

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