The 8 Best Paraffin Wax Baths for Silky-Smooth Skin

With dry, cracked skin running rampant in the cold-weather months, investing in one of the best paraffin wax baths is an effective way to correct dryness in the hands, feet and elbows and create visibly softer and smoother skin. When used in combination with a healthy exfoliation and moisturizing skin-care regimen, paraffin machines deliver rich hydration to the skin using paraffin wax, which is a colorless wax that is made from hydrocarbons that acts as a natural emollient. In addition to opening the pores and sloughing away dead, dry skin cells, it also helps to prevent further moisture loss by strengthening the skin barrier.

Cosmetic perks aside, the best paraffin wax baths also offer an impressive list of therapeutic benefits. The heat from the wax acts as a form of heat therapy for those suffering from joint pain and stiffness. It can help increase blood circulation, relax the muscles and relieve symptoms of inflammation, making it a viable treatment for those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other joint mobility issues. Its ultra-hydrating effect on the skin could also provide relief to those experiencing eczema and psoriasis as well.

How do you use a paraffin wax bath at home? 

Starting with four pounds of wax and a cup of mineral oil, begin to melt the mixture in your paraffin bath until it is completely melted. Then, let the wax sit until a thin skin has formed on top of it and its temperature has reached 125 Fahrenheit, which is when it is able to be used on the skin. Once the wax is ready, apply a few drops of olive oil onto the skin areas that you want to treat and then dip your hands, feet or elbows into the wax until a layer forms over the wax. After the wax has dried on your skin, apply another layer on top of the original one. Repeat this until you have at least 10 layers of wax.

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Next, put your hands or feet in a large plastic bag and seal them for 15 to 20 minutes. To really trap in moisture, place your bagged hands and feet in oven mitts or wrap them in a towel. After you’ve gently removed the wax, follow up with a nourishing hand cream or foot cream.

There are plenty of top-rated, spa-grade paraffin wax machines available on Amazon and other fan-favorite online retailers. Read on to explore the best paraffin wax baths that will help you achieve silky-smooth skin.

1. True Glow by Conair Thermal Paraffin Bath

Designed to deliver professional paraffin spa results at home, the True Glow by Conair Thermal Paraffin Bath uses the warmth of paraffin wax to deeply moisturize and condition the skin for baby-soft results. It comes with one pound of paraffin wax included.

True Glow by Conair Thermal Paraffin Bath$30Buy Now

2. Ejiubas Paraffin Wax Machine 

Constructed with a sleek composite exterior and a durable metal interior, the Ejiubas Paraffin Wax Bath offers ample room for you to comfortably dip your hands, feet and elbows. Featuring a subtle temperature range, wax melts fast and in adherence to your heat tolerance and preference. The kit also comes with one brush, one heat-insulated grid, one silicone spatula, glove liners and thermal mitts for the hands and feet, plus five 200-gram bags of paraffin wax.

Ejiubas Paraffin Wax Bath $78Buy Now

3. Therabath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Wax Bath

Built for deep immersion with its spacious new design, which is 25 percent deeper than previous models, the Therabath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Wax Bath not only softens rough, dry skin but also acts as an effective treatment for arthritis and muscle stiffness. It also comes stocked with six pounds of paraffin wax. 

Therabath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath$190Buy Now

4. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax 

Featuring a protective composite grill and convenient side handles, the Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Bath is designed for easy handling while offering a safe at-home experience. Its digital control and adjustable heat settings make the device simple to navigate and allows for faster wax meltdown.

Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Paraffin Wax Bath $67Buy Now

5. Lavany Paraffin Wax Machine

Equipped with essential at-home paraffin wax accessories, the Lavany Paraffin Wax Machine transforms your bathroom into a spa with its professional-grade quality that provides a fast and even wax meltdown. The kit includes two thermal mitts, 50 glove liners, a brush, a heat-insulating grid and four 200-gram bags of paraffin wax.

Lavany Paraffin Wax Machine$55Buy Now

6. GiGi Digital Paraffin Wax Bath 

Designed with adjustable digital temperature control and quick melt features, the GiGi Digital Paraffin Wax Bath is spacious and durable thanks to its stainless steel construction. Built with a removable, slanted foot grate to provide ergonomic foot positioning, this top-rated paraffin bath also has a see-through and spill-resistant locking lid to create a safe and convenient experience. 

GiGi Digital Paraffin Bath $127Buy Now

7. Hammacher Schlemmer Soothing Heated Paraffin Spa

Offering the same pampering and rejuvenating experience that you would get at a high-end spa, the Hammacher Schlemmer Soothing Heated Paraffin Spa transforms dry and cracked skin on the hands and feet while simultaneously promoting relaxation in the muscles. This therapeutic treatment not only delivers smoother, softer skin but also improves circulation to relieve pain in the joints.

Hammacher Schlemmer Soothing Heated Paraffin Spa$50Buy Now

8. Revlon Paraffin Wax Bath

Suitable for the hands, feet and elbows, the Revlon Moisturizing Paraffin Wax Bath offers a full range of heat comfort levels and evenly melts wax in approximately 60 minutes. This best-selling paraffin bath also includes three pounds of wax, two thermal mitts and 30 glove liners.

Revlon Paraffin Wax Bath$39Buy Now

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