The Apple Watch Series 5 Is $100 Cheaper Today—But Act Fast

It’s been a minute since you’ve seen people; however, even a few months spent social distancing isn’t enough to forgot how popular Apple’s eponymous watches are. It didn’t matter if you were grabbing coffee at your local café, hanging out at your co-working space, or squeezing a quick, post-office workout, it felt as if everyone and their cousin were proud owners of an Apple Watch. If you’ve been curious about the super-smart watch but never took the plunge, Amazon is taking $100 off Apple’s latest model.

Apple Watch Series 5



$299.00 (25% off)


There’s a reason the Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the most in-demand gadgets around. This iteration has a screen that’s 30 percent larger than previous models and an always-on retina, so you can easily check the time or your notifications.

Not only can the Series 5 monitor your steps, heart rate, and calories burned, but it can also track a specific type of workout. (You can even wear it while swimming!) There’s even a Noise app, which alerts you when you’re in a space that’s so loud it could actually impact your hearing. Available in two sizes and three colors—silver, gold, and space gray—it’s possible to find one that suits your style.

On any given day, Apple Watch Series 5 costs $399; however, Amazon is currently shaving $100 off the asking price. While Amazon often has great deals on Apple’s smartwatches, it’s rare to find the newest model on sale.

The only catch is this Apple Watch only has GPS capabilities, so can’t use it to receive texts and calls on the go. But, is that really a drawback? After all, nobody wants their boss’s emails to interrupt their workout.

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