'The Bachelorette': The 1 Piece of Advice Several Alums Have Given Katie Thurston That She Hasn't Listened To

It’s hard being a lead on The Bachelorette. With over 20 men competing for your heart and very little one-on-one time spent with any of them, it can be difficult to weed out the ones who are not there for the right reasons. Katie Thurston has done a great job of sending men whose motives are sketchy home. But there is one piece of advice that several Bachelor nation alums have given Thurston that she has yet to listen to.

What advice have ‘The Bachelorette’ alums given Katie Thurston?

It’s easy to get swept off your feet early on on The Bachelorette. Fans saw that happen with Clare Crawley, who declared Dale Moss her husband on night one and stopped paying attention to anyone else. While it seemingly worked out for Crawley, other Bachelorette alum have said that falling too early is a grave mistake.

“I give the same advice to every Bachelor or Bachelorette. If they ask for it, I always say the same thing. I say, ‘Figure out who you like right away, like, day one and ignore them,’” former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky told Us Weekly. “And you need someone in the moment telling you that so it’s probably good if Tayshia (Adams) and Kaitlyn (Bristowe) were there, hopefully, to give her this advice in the moment. But, like, ignore them because they’re going to be there two or three [weeks] later.”

Focusing all of your attention on one man can mean missing out on some great connections.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket ’cause that’s what I did,” Fedotowsky said. “I put all my eggs in two baskets on my season. And in the end, I feel like that really hurt me because I wasn’t able to really get to know some of the other guys that maybe if I had given it a little bit of time, something could have happened, but I sent them home because I was so laser-focused on my top two.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe, who is acting as a mentor to Thurston this season, also shared similar advice.

“Kaitlyn said, ‘Don’t fall in love with one person on the first night, be open,’” Thurston told Us Weekly. “And then Tayshia was the one who said, you know, ‘Surrender to the process. Trust the journey.’”

Has Katie Thurston followed that advice?

While Thurston hasn’t been as laser focused as Crawley was, it’s definitely clear that she has a few favorites. Greg Grippo won her first impression rose and then got a one-on-one date. Because of her connection with him, many fans have forecasted Grippo to go far this season.

“What I loved about Greg is he was just true to himself, which was this very nervous, very uncomfortable guy,” Thurston told Us Weekly of the frontrunner. “He didn’t try and act cool or, like, be this guy that he’s not. He was just like, ‘This is me and I’m really freaking scared.’ And I thought it was really endearing, you know? And I could tell as long as he opened up, there was something more there. And so I thought, you know, giving him the first impression rose would give him that validation of, ‘I’m into you. Let’s figure this out.’”

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