The Best Sex Positions for When It's Way Too Hot Out

We all want our sex lives to be hot and heavy all year long — but in the deeply sweaty and swampy, I-feel-like-I’m-living-in-soup peak of summer heat, finding ways to get off and get close with your partner that won’t exhaust you or feel gross and sticky can be a challenge.

Of course, there are environmental factors that you should always keep in mind for summer sex success: Keep a fan by your bed, crack open a window or have your AC set to a temperature that feels right to both you and your partner; hydrate before, after and even during if you’re feeling parched; stock up on the SPF and camp out in the shade if you’re having sex outdoors; and have a favorite toy or two at the ready just in case the feeling of another person’s body on yours feels like a bit much.

But beyond those prep-steps, you can also play around with positions that work with the weather (lazy, cuddly, making use of cool, flat surfaces and embrace creativity, etc.) rather than against it, to get you and your partner feeling really amazing.

Standing Doggy

An old reliable, doggy lets you and your partner enjoy all kinds of depths of penetration from behind — but when you add both of you standing instead of pressed up in the sheets, you’ll get a lot more air circulating around both of your bodies and less peeling yourself off one another post-game.


A modified missionary move, Butterfly lets the partner being penetrated lay back against a surface (a great time to use something cool and flat like a table or a counter or some fresh cooling sheets — your choice to prob things up with a pillow or sex wedge!) with their partner between their legs. If the penetrated partner puts their legs over their partner’s shoulders they can get some deep, controlled stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl

A great position for when the partner who is being penetrated wants to take charge — they can straddle their penetrating partner and have full range to grind and thrust while giving them an amazing view. If you want to embrace the power of being on top without pressing every inch of your chests together, this is probably a great move to have in your repertoire.

Steamy Spoon

Alright, so many of our sex positions here focus on maximizing sensation while minimizing body-to-body time. But spooning can actually be a good fit for a summer sex sesh if you’re someone who really does want to feel close to your partner but want to conserve a bit of your energy. Have the penetrating partner slide in from behind, pressing their front against the partner being penetrated’s back.

Lazy thrusts, grinding and freeing up hands for exploring are a few of the perks of spooning with your lover — and on a hot day (particularly those balmy mornings where you’ve already kicked the sheets down the bed) enjoying a good spoon can be a great way to work smarter and not harder.

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