The Black Eyed Peas on why Fergie has left the band

It’s been years since Fergie and her Black Eyed Peas bandmates have worked together on music and many fans wonder if the star is still considered as part of the group.

Indeed,, and Taboo have been releasing music as a trio without the powerhouse vocalist – just like they did before she joined the crew in 2003.

While Fergie – real name Stacy Ann Ferguson – has mostly been off the radar ever since she dropped her last project, Double Dutchess, in 2017.

Here’s what we know about her place in the group and whether she’ll ever return to work with the band.

Has Fergie left the Black Eyed Peas

Yep, Fergie-Ferg officially left the group in 2017.

During a 2020 interview with Billboard magazine,, and Taboo said she left the group out of a desire to devote herself to being a ‘great mom’ to her son Axel. explained: ‘We love her, and she’s focusing on being a mom. That’s a hard job, and that’s what she really wants to do and we’re here for her… It’s really the way Fergie designed it, so we’re respecting her design. We love Fergie, and we don’t want anything but awesomeness for her.’ added: ‘But unfortunately our schedule is displaced by [her] wanting to be a great mom, and she wants to focus on that.’

Will the Black Eyed Peas replace Fergie? previously admitted; ‘As for replacing, what people know The Black Eyed Peas to be, nobody is replacing Fergie.’

His comments came after Nicole Scherzinger was linked to take Fergie’s spot in the group.

Now they are focused on introducing singer J. Rey Soul.

Taboo started: ‘I feel we’re giving birth to a new artist, J.Rey Soul. I really want to give her ultimate praise and respect. What the fellows said—Ferg, she’s doing the mom thing—but we have an amazing artist we’re developing.’

Back in 2017, explained to Ahlan! : ‘Since the beginning of Black Eyed Peas, we’ve always had amazing vocalists that appeared on the mic with us. ‘People like Macy Gray, Esthero, Debi Nova, Fergie.

‘On Elephunk, there were several females that appeared on that album. Obviously Fergie was the featured female, but on songs like Let’s Get it Started, it’s Noelle [Scaggs], and then Fergie, songs like Latin Girls, it’s Debi Nova, and Request Line, it’s Macy Gray. We’ll always work with good females.’

So it looks like we won’t be seeing Fergie and the guys together again.

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