The Northern Lights are getting names and you can submit your suggestions

Most of us are keen to leave our mark on the world in some way or another.

Well, now you can see your name up in lights… the Northern Lights to be exact.

The Aurora Borealis in Arctic Europe – which includes Finnish and Swedish Lapland, and northern Norway – will soon be named and you can submit your own suggestions.

Tourism board Visit Arctic Europe is asking nature lovers to come up with names for the different storms that create the various light displays. 

Aurora season typically falls between late August through to the end of April and more than 100 auroras can be seen during this time.

To decide which auroras receive a name, the Space Weather Prediction Centre uses a tool which analyses the sun’s X-ray activity. Based on this data, they can see that the strongest, most visible auroras that will follow.

Using this information, Visit Arctic Europe will then select a name for that specific aurora borealis and publish it on their website and Instagram. 

They already have a selection of names that come from the region’s history, culture, and mythology – but they’re encouraging people to submit their own non-Nordic inspired names as well.

A message posted by the company reads: ‘The Northern Lights come in different colours and shapes. Some are very delicate, but still awe-inspiring, and some stronger, so strong in fact, that we decided to start giving them Nordic names.’

But if you have a suggestion, they are open to hear it. Simply submit your name on the website.

Jesse Ketonen, the communications manager for Visit Arctic Europe, told Lonely Planet: ‘Culturally, the aurora is very important for the Nordic and Arctic region. We wanted for other people to have the opportunity to participate.

‘Auroras have had meaning for local people and visitors for as long as we can remember.

‘We wanted to start naming them to give them an even better reverence when you go back to your memories. And we did it for the local community, too, to share the experience around the world.’ 

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