The perfect houseplants for your star sign

House plants are big business, and rare monsteras and calatheas are often sold for thousands of pounds.

With the boom in making our homes green, that might leave you feeling like you have too much to choose from. Thankfully, though, some astrology wisdom can help. has partnered with Astrologer Francesca Oddie for an astrological deep dive to find the perfect plant partner based on your star sign. 

Does being a Leo mean that you need a plant that can depend on you? Or do your Gemini traits result in you forgetting to water them?

Say goodbye to the guilt of finding you killed that last plant with overwatering, as you meet your astrological match…


Those born under the sign of Aries like being the ‘first to do everything’, according to expert Francesca.

It’s for this reason that the String of Pearls is the perfect match: bold and ahead of the crowd, this plant grabs attention and makes a statement.


The sign with the greenest fingers is Taurus.

‘If they had their way, they would have a whole array of plants that they grow from seeds; start to finish,’ explains Francesca.

It’s no surprise that this is a loving and caring sign, as Venus is the ruling planet. The clear choice here is the flower of love, a red rose.


Geminis are known for being a little bit flighty. They are easily agitated, not so much losing their temper but they are prone to nervousness, according to Francesca. They sometimes using cutting words when feeling attacked.

Not known as a reliable sign, Geminis need a low maintenance, calming plant friend. Lavender is the essential oil that matches Gemini because it helps them to calm their nerves.


The sign of home and food. The ultimate caretaker, feeder and nurturing sign of the zodiac. Cancer is here to tend to daily needs of watering, pruning and collecting ripe fruits ready for more to go.

A chilli plant is very complementary to the occasional spicy nature of the Cancer sign – perfect for a sunny windowsill.


Leos are a fire sign ruled by the sun. They like grand, colourful and even slightly ostentatious things. While being passionate, they are also kind and caring people which is why a high maintenance plant is not a problem for this sign.

Like the sun, oranges are colourful and bright, making an Orange Tree the perfect plant partner and ideal for a sunny spot like a conservatory.


Francesca says: ‘As the most attentive, precise and detail-orientated sign of the Zodiac, look to Virgo to cherish their plants and anything that needs care and attention would be great for them.’

Therefore, nothing is a more perfect match for a Virgo than their very own herb garden – allowing them to pick and prune to their hearts content.


Libras are very gracious and peaceful people with a love for the outdoors. However, due to their indecisive nature they ‘rely a lot on external praise and feedback’.

This is why they need a classically beautiful plant that is universally loved and adored, often prompting compliments. The orchid – tall, delicate, and classic – is the perfect plant for those Libras in your life.


According to Francesca, Scorpio is a very resilient, determined sign, and those born under the sign of Scorpio are known to be closely guarded.

The ultimate pairing for a Scorpio is a Cactus. Spiky to the touch and steadfast, but with it, tenacious and with a great longevity.


Sagittarius is a jetsetting sign that likes to travel around a lot. A must-have is a plant that’s easy to keep and able to be transported to a friend’s house while they’re on their latest adventure.

Sagittarians crave the exotic life which is why an exotic plant from a hot climate is the perfect match for this fire sign – like the Vrisea, native to Trinidad.


‘You can rely on Capricorn to build something that lasts!’ comments Francesca. They like to invest time and money into things they feel passionate about and view gardening as making their very own heirlooms.

This is not the sign that needs fast fixes, which is why the easily propagatable snake plant is the best match for a plant that will stand the test of time.


Blue is the colour of Aquarius and they love all things electric and bright. Being an air sign, they love anything sky high! Something that is a little bit eccentric and eye catching is the ultimate pairing.

The Burros Tail ticks all of these boxes with its vibrant colour, cascading down high in the sky from a hanging basket.


Pisces is the ultimate water sign, but also the most forgetful! Pisceans require a plant that doesn’t need an owner who has to remember to care for it.

The spider plant is the best fit, best placed in indirect sunlight, where water can be provided sparingly but a bright, statement plant is guaranteed!

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