The Top Dog Halloween Costumes of 2020 Based on Google Searches

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It’s the time of the year where the urge to dress up your dog gets especially tempting, and you’re not alone. Plenty of pet owners have been using Google to get Halloween costumes ideas for their pooches. SEMrush, a data trends provider, analyzed Google search volume and found the ten costumes that are getting the most searches in 2020. Below are the top 10 canine Halloween costumes based on Google searches, so you can dress your pup in a popular outfit or come up with a different idea you know other dogs won’t be wearing. 

10. Tiger King 

Buy it! Tiger Dog Costume, $36.95;

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9. Lionhearted

Help your dog be the “mane” attraction this Halloween. 

Buy it! Dog Lion Mane, $12.58;

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8. Walk This Way

This is Star Wars‘ AT-AT Walker at its most fetching. 

Buy it! AT-AT Walker Pet Costume, $29.99;

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7. Star Wars Strikes Back

Edging out the AT-AT Walker for the most popular Star Wars costume of 2020 is this iconic critter. 

Buy it! Ewok Dog and Cat Costume, $24.99;

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6. Gourd-geous

Prove your pup is the pick of the patch. 

Buy it! Pumpkin Pooch Costume, $34.99;

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5. Dino Dog

This look should never go extinct.

Buy it! Dinosaur Dog Costume, $22.99;

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4. The Hero We Deserve

Ready to step in for Robert Pattinson at a moment’s notice. 

Buy it! Classic Batman Costume, $13.56;

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3. The Child

The only thing more precious than Baby Yoda is your dog dressed as Baby Yoda. 

Buy it! The Child Walking Dog Costume, $29.99;

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8-Legged Furry Freak

Finally! Some good PR for spiders. 

Buy it! Pet Spider Pup Costume, $31.75;

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1. Child’s Play

There is something scary, sweet about Chucky for dog lovers this year. 

Buy it! Pet Deadly Doll Costume, $32.99; 

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