'The View': Meghan McCain's Mom Cindy Shares Update On Baby Liberty Sage

Meghan McCain has been off The View since giving birth to her baby. Due to her maternity leave, a rotating group of guest co-hosts have been filling in the fifth seat. Cindy McCain made an appearance on the ABC talk show this past week and gave an update on the newest member of the McCain family. The political personality was a proud grandmother and described baby Liberty Sage in such a cute way.

What did Meghan McCain’s mother say about the baby?

The McCain family welcomed a baby girl after Meghan gave birth to her daughter. When Cindy was invited to The View as a guest co-host, the ladies on the show couldn’t help but ask about the newborn.

“She’s beautiful, she’s just perfect,” Cindy said. “They’re so happy. She’s the first little girl in the family so I’m very excited about that. They’re just doing really well; Meghan couldn’t be happier, and [Meghan’s husband Ben Domenech], as well. The two new parents that are just enjoying every second of it.”

Joy Behar chimed in after seemingly seeing a photo of Liberty and said, “Cindy, I saw that baby, that baby is 100 percent McCain. That baby is a McCain baby if I ever saw one.”

The McCain family experiences a loss

On the same week, the McCain family was experiencing the loss of Roberta McCain at the age of 108 years. The latter was the mother of the late senator John McCain who passed away 2 years earlier. Meghan had taken to Instagram to share a sweet post honoring her grandmother.

“I love you Nana,” Meghan started. “You’re everything I ever aspired to be in this world. Thank you for teaching us all about living life on your own terms with grit, conviction, intensity, and love. There will never, ever be another one like you and you will be missed every day.”

Unfortunately, Roberta didn’t get to meet her great-granddaughter in person as Meghan revealed in her social media post.

“I only wish my daughter had gotten to meet you. Have a drink with Dad for me…,” she ended.

Meghan McCain calls her daughter a ‘wildcat’

Early on in Meghan’s pregnancy, she shared that she would be keeping details about her road to motherhood private. However, the conservative TV personality has given her fans a couple of details here and there. Meghan made a post on social media where she beautifully expressed what being a mom has been like for her.

“Motherhood is euphoria,” McCain wrote on Instagram along with a picture of a necklace that said “mama.” “All of the cliches have come true and exceeded well beyond my wildest expectations — it is hands down the best thing I have ever done in my entire life and I am completely in awe of our daughter.”

Meghan had always expressed on The View she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mother but now that she is, she only wished she had done it sooner.

“Having Liberty is like observing my entire heart life and exist outside of my body,” she continued. “She is a little wildcat — beautiful, strong, alert, already so full [of] life and spirit… I only wish I had done this sooner.”

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