These are the worst buzzwords people keep using in 2020

In the time of coronavirus, while you’re reading our curated content on, we thought we’d reach out to circle back to discuss the words people are begging you to stop using.

Which bit of that opening line annoyed you the most?

If you found yourself shaking with irritation throughout, you’re not the only one. That particular sentence ticks off quite a few of the phrases on The Buzzsaw’s list of the worst buzzwords of 2020.

The Buzzsaw, an online tool that strips out buzzwords from press releases, speeches, and blog posts, has revealed the top 15 most annoying bits of jargon submitted by editors and correspondents in 2020.

Yes, there are some obviously irritating phrases – everyone hates it when a coworker offers to ‘circle back’, surely – but unfortunately there are also terms on the list many of us are guilty of using.

Here’s the full list of the top 15, along with withering comments from judges.

The worst buzzwords of 2020:

Ohter ‘dishonourable mentions’ include ‘prepone’, ‘preneur’, and ‘awesome’.

The judges also despised using ‘best’ as a sign-off on an email – which is a whole other area of contention.

So, how guilty are you of talking in grating jargon? Tick off the phrases you commonly use below.


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