This $400,000 Chinese Camper Has Its Own Elevator & Tea Room

If you never thought that RVs could be luxurious, then you’ve clearly never seen the Life Home V90 Villa Edition, a double-decker camper that’s the first of its kind to offer two floors of living space.

According to Robb Report, the Villa Edition camper is more spacious than the average RV thanks to its second level. Rather than adding space by making the camper longer, the camper’s Chinese maker SAIC Maxus decided to go a completely different route by adding a second level, which pops up. This allows the camper to provide space for a kitchen, entertainment and sleep areas, a bar, and thanks to the second level, a Zen tearoom.

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The publication explains that while campers have seen pop-up roofs, none are as luxurious or spacious as the one featured in the Villa Edition. Thanks to the press of a button, a glass-encased second story expands to offer riders even more room. It’s smaller than the first story, with only 133 square feet. But it makes a huge difference in the overall size and appearance of the camper. There’s no designated purpose for the sun room, so passengers can use it to their liking, whether they transform it into a traveling yoga studio or morning tea room, Interesting Engineering notes. It even features a small balcony overhead of the driver’s cabin.

If that wasn’t cool enough, prospective buyers will also be impressed to learn how one accesses the second story – through an elevator. A small, custom-sized elevator conveniently allows passengers to enjoy the second floor.

The Villa Edition didn’t stop there. It also has a slide outs on the driver and passenger side to add even more floor space to the lower level, which when fully expanded, measures approximately 215 square feet. Located on the first story, you’ll find a full kitchen as well as a spacious lounging area, which is separated by a bar, making it an efficient space to entertain guests.

It also has all the other amenities one would expect in a camper. The main sleeping area can be found above the driver’s cabin. Robb Report adds that the lounge area appears to be able to convert into additional sleeping accommodations. Of course, there’s also a bathroom with a full shower at the back of the camper. Finally, it comes with LED lighting and a BL sound system. It also features the necessary hookups to include a TV, washing machine, and even air conditioning machine, if so desired.

For North American buyers looking to get their hands on the Villa Edition, they may have to wait a while. Robb Reports says that the RV is only being sold in China. Even if it becomes available on the North America market, buyers may have to spend upwards of half a million dollars on the vehicle. The Villa Edition currently goes for CN¥2.68 million, which is equivalent to around $413,000 USD.

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