This ‘Freckle Butt’ house horse lives the life of a family dog

Freckle Butt Fred is truly a horse of a different color.

The 2-year-old Pintaloosa mini-horse spends the bulk of his time inside the Croton, Michigan home of his human mom Ronica Froese, her son Dylan, 12, and dogs Jackson, 13, Thunder, 6, Duke, 1, and Lucas, 1.

Just like most beloved household pets, Fred enjoys hanging around the house, playing with his canine crew, doing a little “pony yoga” — and, you know, dropping the occasional deposit in his litter box.

Go figure: Fred’s unusual animal antics have gone viral, garnering him thousands of social-media followers on TikTok and Facebook.

“I have two other horses, Charlie and George, who spend some time in the house, but Fred spends the most time inside,” 39-year-old Froese, who works as a finance manager, told Caters News. “He loves playing with the dogs and watching TV, laying on the couch, getting scratches and napping on the floor. He is full of personality and a really smart mini-horse.”

But it’s not all fun and horseplay for this online sensation: Fred is actually a service horse who is in training to take part in therapy sessions with children in the area.

BTW: Froese said her oversize fur baby does spend some time outside with his fellow service horse buds Charlie and George, who are both 6 years old.

“Fred sleeps in the house at night and goes out in the morning to be with Charlie and George in the pastures,” Froese said. “He hates sleeping outside — though he occasionally does. In the winter, he spends a lot of time in his room.”

Turns out he also likes to jet-set on occasion. Froese and Fred caused quite a stir earlier this year when he accompanied her on a first-class flight to California. Fellow flyers were reportedly “startled,” but she said he was specially trained to make the high-altitude trip.

“I paid an arm and a leg for tickets, but I did so because it was Fred’s first time and I wanted him to be comfortable,” she told her local TV news outlet at the time. “I wanted him to have the most room [and the] “experience was way better than I actually anticipated.”

Fred’s flying days may soon be a thing of the past, however, as the US Transportation Department recently announced plans to tighten the laws so that only dogs actually trained to help the disabled qualify for flights.

Either way, Froese said, Fred “loves going anywhere with me and because of our close bond he will do any unconventional thing that horses don’t normally do, because he knows I will always keep him safe.”

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