This Full Moon in Aquarius Is Unusual and Extra-Important

Want to read something wild? There’s going to be not one, but two Full Moons in Aquarius this year. What a rare occurrence! The first of these two Full Moons happens on July 23 at 10:37pm Eastern Time, and the second will be on August 22 at 8:02AM Eastern Time.

Let’s talk numbers for a minute. All 12 signs of the zodiac make up a 360-degree circle, which means that each zodiac sign includes 30 degrees. This first Full Moon occurs at 1 degree, and the second one occurs at 29 degrees—making the second Full Moon quite pivotal.

Consider July’s Full Moon as the pregame to a massive celebration. The Moon will be conjunct (aka in the same sign as) Saturn, the planet of restrictions, and Pluto, the planet of transformation.

During this Full Moon, we will all feel called to transform ourselves, and we’ll be thinking about our identity and how our character leaves a lasting footprint. Be sure to yourself, “Am I being my truest and authentic self?” The work you do behind the scenes will translate to the opportunities that will be available to you during the New Moon in Leo on August 8. This is a time for character definition: Adjust yourself accordingly.

Read your Full Moon horoscope:


Recognize yourself as the Magician. In tarot, the Magician is capable of all that they set their mind towards. Even if you can’t believe it, know that you possess all the elements you need to actualize your desire. When you feel the emotional pull to make a difference within your community, run towards it. Your ability to show belief will bless you during this time. Your feats will not be easily achieved, so be resilient.


Never forget where you came from, Taurus. You may not have always had all that you needed to satisfy you. It’s not uncommon for some needs to be left unmet, even if our lives are otherwise happy. Take stock in what your family was able to offer you—yes, this includes your chosen family. Let the love and pride that you have in your heritage and home emotionally charge you towards your future. You’re a star, even if you can’t see how brightly you shine yet.


By now, you know what you are capable of. You are strong in your ability to hold yourself together, you know your truth, and you are capable of achieving your desires. Never lose sight of your gifts—your inquisitive nature is a super power. Ask questions that the people around you might overlook, research the answers, and you will discover that you bring new ideas and perspectives to any room you walk into. Do not let “no” be what discourages you from succeeding. Stop, regroup, and be willing to change directions.


Are you open to sharing your wealth with others, Cancer? Step outside of recognizing value as the number in your bank account, and redirect the meaning towards the wealth that you have to offer. You have plenty of resources in your life, however, it is important to recognize how what you have to offer can be invaluable to others. You may hesitate to share, so work to get past that. Blessings will multiply when you approach life from a giver’s perspective.


You are being called to be your truest self, Leo! What a wonderful time to be alive. You will find that the universe brings blessings to you when you’re willing to be genuine. Allow yourself to connect with your close friends, establish a deeper sense of community, and watch as partnerships naturally develop. You’ll find that two heads think better than one. You do not have to live on a lonely island.


As summer progresses, so does your day-to-day life. You will notice that things begin to pick up for you. You may feel more obligated to show up for others. Keep in mind that “no” is a complete sentence; you will experience the most growth when you’re intentional in choosing your commitment. You cannot give yourself to everyone, so be thoughtful about what you decide to dedicate yourself to. Messages in your dreams will give you clues about what you will and won’t handle.


Seek inspiration from your social surroundings, Libra. As the peacemaker, you’re no stranger to picking up on the energies of others. You have no issues being in tune with your environment, recognizing patterns, and even assessing people’s awareness. Take your reflections and let them fuel your creative projects. You may not be emotionally expressive, but you don’t need to be. Innovate, invent, and watch as you feel relief.


The work that you do at home will only be to your benefit, seriously. This same message has been repeated to you, Scorpio. Repetition can be frustrating, especially because very few of us enjoy repeating the same lessons over and over again. Trust that the stars are on your side. Have faith in the process and recognize that quick fixes rarely bring long-term success. You’re on the path for significant change—keep at it!


Watch what you say out your mouth. The Full Moon is warning you to be mindful of the words you say. Yes, you are a seeker of truth and have no issues researching and thinking through information, and you come to fairly accurate conclusions. But it’s important to recognize when people aren’t ready for the lessons you want to share. Are you educating out of ego, or are you enlightening from a place of compassion?


It looks like you could be susceptible to emotional spending during this Full Moon. Be careful not to spend all your money in one place. No judgements regarding your coping mechanisms—so long as they are healthy, then trust that you know what you’re doing. On that note, do you have the money to spend, or could it be better spent elsewhere? Do not let your emotions take the wheel; your friends might have good intentions, but they could push you off the edge during this time.


You are feeling especially emotional during this Full Moon, Aquarius. You may not easily recognize your emotions, and in fact, it can feel a lot like you’re being blocked from them. Try not to project your unprocessed feelings onto others. It’s okay to take your time and pause before communicating with others. Ask questions and show a willingness to step outside of your perspective, and those who care about you will help you understand your feelings.


What a great time for meditation, spiritual work, and writing. You are going to feel a call to be creative, especially because your daily life may not provide space for direct communication. Take your thoughts and figure out which colors are associated with them. Take those colors and draw, sketch, or paint. The distortion of your emotions will make it easier to find the words to communicate the feelings of your subconscious. Let your body move with faith.

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