‘This Is Us’ Season 5: Dan Fogelman Teases Kevin and Randall’s Future and It’ll Honestly Break Your Heart

This Is Us fans were floored when the season 4 finale ended with Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) big fight. Everyone knew the argument would cause a rift between the Pearson brothers ahead of the Big Three’s 40th birthday. But no one expected Kevin and Randall to spew out 40 years-worth of resentment.

Now, viewers are hoping for some sort of reconciliation in the premiere. However, creator Dan Fogelman recently hinted Randall and Kevin have a long journey ahead in This Is Us Season 5.

Why did Kevin and Randall fight on ‘This Is Us’?

In This Is Us Season 4, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. The Pearson matriarch made it clear she just wanted to spend the rest of her good days with her family. But Randall, who couldn’t bear losing another parent after Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died, convinced his mother to do a clinical trial in St. Louis, Missouri. 

When Rebecca told the family about her change of heart, Kevin quickly realized Randall was the one who influenced their mother. So Kevin confronted Randall about Rebecca’s care. But the argument morphed into an attack on each other’s character. 

Randall called out Kevin for his selfishness and even claimed their father died ashamed of him. Meanwhile, Kevin told Randall his adoption was worse than the day their father died.

Dan Fogelman reveals how Randall and Kevin’s fight will impact them in ‘This Is Us’ Season 5

Viewers have been wondering where This Is Us will take Kevin and Randall’s story when season 5 returns. According to multiple trailers ahead of the premiere, the Pearson brothers reunite on their 40th birthday. However, the atmosphere is tense and fans don’t know how the conversation will go. 

That said, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly from Oct. 23, Fogelman suggested Kevin and Randall’s fight won’t be resolved by the This Is Us Season 5 premiere. 

“It’s the type of fight that is not just resolved with a handshake two seconds later or one meeting later,” the creator said. “There’s stuff here, stuff that’s borne out of decades of competition and family and fighting. They have a journey ahead of them.”

Fogelman also teased how the feud will impact the characters moving forward. As you may remember, Randall has been struggling with his mental health. Kevin also learned he’s the father of Madison’s (Caitlin Thompson) twins. So they’ll have to deal with major life milestones without each other.

“It’s gigantic for them,” Fogelman said. “This is a fight that resets these two men, it resets their positions towards one another in the family. Randall is a man who has defined himself by his role in his extended family. With that fractured, what does that do to him?”

He continued, “Kevin is a well-meaning but slightly narcissistic, privileged movie star. What does becoming a father for the first time do to start opening up him a little bit more in the midst of also having been separated from his brother, who was always the one who had his sh*t together?”

For now, This Is Us fans will just have to wait and see what happens between Kevin and Randall in season 5. But at the very least, we know the brothers reconnect by the far-future. Meanwhile, Fogelman previously hinted Randall and Kevin’s reconciliation will feel “well-earned” — whenever that may be.

“I think part of part of making a drama is not being afraid to let people be really flawed and really ugly,” Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter in March 2020. “Hopefully, as we tend to do on our show, the hope we offer and the repair we might offer is well-earned and well-executed when it comes.”

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