This motivational water bottle will keep you hydrated and inspired

Not drinking enough water? Shoppers are loving this 2.2 litre motivational water bottle that cheers you on and reminds you to stay hydrated

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As with a lot of goals, it always helps when you have someone to cheer you on and keep you accountable. 

If you’re terrible at drinking water (the NHS recommends six to eight glasses a day which equals about two litres), then it might be wise to follow the thousands of Amazon shoppers who have found a helpful solution in the BuildLife Motivational Water Bottle.

While it may seem like a novelty buy, scores of shoppers have left rave reviews, claiming it’s ‘very motivating’ and a ‘must-have for anyone not taking in enough water’. Keeping you inspired with friendly reminders, the 2.2 litre bottle could help you achieve your goals. 

The BuildLife 3.78L/2.2L Motivational Water Bottle is now on sale on Amazon from £11.86

Staying sufficiently hydrated can feel like a chore but not getting enough water can lead to myriad health problems. Dehydration is said to be the most common cause of headaches but it can also affect your mood and focus too. 

If you’re dealing with a lack of energy or brain fog then upping your water intake with the help from the BuildLife 3.78L/2.2L Motivational Water Bottle could be a great place to start.  

While it may look intimidatingly large, the 2.2 litre bottle has been designed with unique time markers on the exterior, helping you break down your water intake into easy to manage chunks. 

It also boasts motivational messages to help cheer you on. It may be cheesy but it works, with an impressive 1,500 Amazon shoppers awarding the bottle a full five-stars, with many raving how it has helped them get into a habit of drinking a gallon a day.

If the taste of water is too boring, then you’ll be pleased to know the Motivational Water Bottle has a wide enough mouth to add fruits like lemon and orange, so you can flavour it how you like. 

The inspirational water bottle has a flip straw, handle and strap that makes it easy to take it with you anywhere you go

The BuildLife 3.78L/2.2L Motivational Water Bottle comes in an impressive array of bright and bold colours, and it features a handy flip straw and strap so it’s easy to bring with you on the move.

One delighted shopper left a glowing review, writing: ‘Since I am doing work from home often now, I fill this water bottle in the morning and drink throughout the day to ensure I stay hydrated.

‘This bottle does that very well and I like keeping track of where I need to be with the timings. I have been drinking a lot more water using this bottle and it works very well.’

Another reviewer was equally as impressed. They wrote: ‘I bought this as I was struggling to drink my recommended amount of water a day, and honestly it has helped so much! 

‘Having the times of day on the side as well helps a bunch and reminds me to drink my water! It’s spread in even intervals so you’re always hydrated.’

A third penned: ‘Absolutely love using my water bottle it holds 2.2ltrs and is so eye catching everyone is intrigued by it. The handle is helpful to transport it around during the day. The timings are also helpful to remind my drink throughout the day as well.’

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