This viral hack shows you how to tint eyebrows using fake tan – but does it work?

Since we aren’t allowed back to beauty salons just yet, we’ve all been getting a little more inventive with how we cheat salon treatments from home.

Many of us will be missing getting our eyebrows done by a professional, especially a tint as that’s trickier to master at home than a simple tweeze of stray hairs. But thanks to TikTok, there may just be a very easy way of giving brows a tone change from the comfort of our bathrooms – and it involves fake tan.

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The short hack video was originally shared by user Chanelle, who can be seen applying fake tan to her brows, leaving it on for three hours, and then wiping it off to surprisingly darker and more structured eyebrows.

The hack spread like wildfire and her video has already been watched over 1.2 million times. A host of other TikTokers quickly jumped on board the trend and gave the tanning trick a go for themselves.

In a bid to see if Chanelle just got lucky with her brows, or if fake tan does actually tint to a shade this isn’t orange, we had our OK! beauty writer, and long-time brow tinter, Zoe test the hack out for herself.

Zoe says:

“There’s nothing I love more than heading into a salon to get my brows done. I’m blonde and I find my eyebrows vanish into my skin if I don’t get them tinted. Sometimes I do it at home with Eylure’s Dybrow, but I’ve run out of that.

"So when I heard about a hack sweeping the internet that involves using a fake tan to tint brows, I had to give it a go. Mainly out of curiosity, because I’ve always been told to wipe tan off my brows instead of deliberately putting it on them.

"Chanelle uses a tinted foam in her video – I’m assuming because the guide colour makes it easier to see where the tan has been drawn on the brows. But I only had a clear foam so I chose Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops in Dark, £19.95 here. You also need an angled brow brush to apply the tan, and I used Lily England 105 Brush, £5.95 here.

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"That’s about all for the prep. All you have to do after that is make sure your brows are clean and clear of make-up, and put a squirt (or a few drops, in my case) of tan into a pot.

"You then dip the angled brush into the tan and apply it like you would a regular brow powder. Then wait three or four hours (depending on how quickly your tan develops) and wipe off to revealed tinted brows."

So did it work?

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"You can see by my before and after that it did actually give my eyebrows a darker and slightly more structured look. I was also really impressed by how non-orange they looked, as that was a big concern for me.

"I think the tone is slightly too warm, as I like an ashy eyebrow colour, but it’s not bad at all. I probably would do this again if I was out of my usual dye and desperate for a tint.

"I think this hack works best if you already have quite full brows as the finer they are, the more the tan will tint the skin and show through as a warmer, more orange shade. And I would definitely caution against doing this before bed and sleeping in it, as you want to monitor how the colour is developing. Different tans will provide different shades.

All in all, I give this TikTok trick a solid 6/10.”

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