This was a game changer: Cleaning guru blows her followers minds with Oxo cube trick

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Gemma posted a video showing how she opens an Oxo cube, and the clever hack wowed some of her followers.

She wrote to her over 220k Instagram followers, asking “Did you know? This first hit a few years back but I like to bring it back out every now and again (just in case people missed it the first time!)”

The video shows the housework influencer handling a beef Oxo Cube.

First, the cleaning whiz unfolds the sides of the cube gently, without tearing it.

She pulls out the folds on the sides of the cube and then teases out the foil at the sides, turning the packet into a square shape.

Gemma then presses gently at the cube, while inside the packet, to loosen the stock powder.

Lastly she tears the top of the packet off and is left with already ground up stock she can pour out of the packet.

“Oh my! This is gonna change my life,” one fan wrote.

Another was amazed and said: “OMG! That is genius! Thank you for sharing and at 58-years-old how did I not know this.”

“What! No way, I’m always trying to rip the damn things open!” one said.

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Another wrote: “I open the sides then put it on the side and whack it with the heel of my hand. Your way looks cleaner.”

However, a number had been doing this trick for years.

One said: “I was told this by a man in the pub about 30 years ago. Done it ever since.”

“I’ve been doing this for over 20 years,” another wrote.

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One fan added: “I thought this was normal hahaha but I get annoyed cause I don’t use them after a certain time they don’t crush properly.”

Some commented on their inability to replicate the tip with their chicken flavoured Oxo cubes.

“I can’t seem to make this trick work with the chicken oxo cubes though,” one said.

Another wrote: “But it doesn’t work for chicken Oxo. Why are they like solid bricks?!”

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Another cleaning guru, Lynsey Cromie, shared her hack for opening an oil diffuser easily.

Former This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford even took to Instagram to praise the trick.

In the video, the ITV cleaning specialist uses a corkscrew to take the often tricky plastic stopper out of a diffuser.

Ruth Langsford wrote under the video “genius!!” with three clapping hands emojis.

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