Tokyo Olympics: 10,000 volunteers quit ahead of rescheduled Games as Japan battles Covid-19 infections

Approximately 10,000 Olympic volunteers have quit ahead of the rescheduled Tokyo Games this summer as Japan continues to battle Covid infections.

The Games, which were set to take place last summer but were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, are due to begin on 23 July.

Seiko Hashimoto, president of this summer’s Olympics, said on Thursday that she is “100 per cent” convinced that the Games will go ahead, despite much of Japan remaining under a state of emergency – with 50 days to go until the event begins.

Organisers now face another hurdle, however, with approximately 10,000 of 80,000 Games volunteers having quit their upcoming roles, per TRT World.

International fans have already been banned from attending this summer’s Olympics, while the number of overseas officials and participants has been reduced by roughly 50 per cent, to 78,000.

“I believe that the possibility of these Games going on is 100 per cent that we will do this,” Hashimoto told BBC Sport.

“The question right now is how are we going to have an even more safe and secure Games.

“The Japanese people are feeling very insecure and at the same time probably feel some frustration at us talking about the Olympics and I think that is giving rise to more voices opposing having the Games in Tokyo.”

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