Tom Ellis on golf simulators, Walkmans and cordless telephones

The actor, 42, talks to about the joys of robotic cat litter trays, special effects and having his beard shaved by a robotic arm.

Any tech that’s blowing your mind right now?

I’m a huge fan of golf and I’ve got my eyes on a golf simulator, Foresight. You hit the ball into the screen and it projects the trajectory. You’re hitting on to a virtual golf course, effectively, and it gives you all the data you need to improve your golf swing.

What do you use your iPhone 11 for mainly?

Other than the basics, I actually use it for Lucifer a lot. Prepping musical arrangements, I’d use the voice recorder, mess around with recordings and then send them to the show’s composers to finish the job.

What’s your desert island gadget?

The Apple doesn’t fall far from my tree, as far as tech goes, so it’d be my iPad. Movies and Facetime with the kids is all better on a big screen.

Growing up in the ’80s, what tech symbolises that decade?

The BBC Acorn computer. My dad had it and one day I smelt this awful smell because it was smoking. That memory sticks.

What’s your earliest tech memory?

Cordless telephones. My grandparents got them and I remember being totally baffled. Telephones, no cords? Wow.

What was your first music player?

The Walkman. I was told that rewinding zapped the batteries so I’d wind the tape back manually with a biro.

What tech are you using the most at the moment?

My Jabra Elite 75ts for working out and a MacBook Air for computing.

Have you dabbled in any pet tech?

I tried a robotic self-cleaning litter tray called Litter-Robot. It’s like a cement mixer for cat litter. They weren’t having any of it and it terrified them, sadly. I do wish it worked.

Google or Alexa?

Amazon Echo – Alexa.

What’s the last thing you asked Alexa?

Play Fleetwood Mac.

Tom Ellis had his beard shaved live on Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) by a robotic arm, remotely controlled by a barber 250 miles away over EE’s network as part of its new ad campaign

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