‘Too Hot To Handle’s Bryce Reveals He’s Dating Nicole: We Have A ‘Long-Distance Thing Going On’

The journey to find long-lasting connections continues for Bryce after ‘Too Hot To Handle.’ He spoke with HL about his current relationship with Nicole, the toughest aspect of the show (other than no sex), and more.

The Too Hot To Handle connections just keep on growing! When Bryce arrived on the show, he tried to form a connection with Chloe, but there wasn’t a spark there. Bryce left the show a single man, but he is now dating is fellow castmate, Nicole! “I have a bit of a long-distance thing going on with Nicole actually,” Bryce told HollywoodLife. “It’s nice. She’s come out before over the last year. She’s supposed to be here now, but this coronavirus is kind of a bummer for everybody. Not just me. It’s okay because I’m used to communicating — and everyone else is getting really familiar really quickly — via FaceTime and not being able to be physical with each other. We’re just getting to know each other more. For all the dating out there, this is a good time for you and whoever you’re seeing or your significant other, whatever the case is, to get to know who they are.”

Bryce lives in California, while Nicole is in Ireland. They obviously haven’t been able to see each other through this coronavirus pandemic, Bryce said seeing Nicole as soon as it’s safe is “definitely the goal. I’d like to see her. I’d like to see everybody.” Bryce and Nicole are taking things slow for now. “It’s long-distance. There’s no label, let’s put it that way,” Bryce revealed.

Too Hot To Handle became an instant hit when it debuted on Netflix on April 17. The show put a shocking twist on dating reality shows. The sexy singles on the show had to give up sex, kissing, heavy-petting, and self-gratification for the entire duration of the retreat if they wanted to win the $100,000 grand prize. Rules were broken so the prize money went down, but the cast was left with $75,000. Each cast member walked away with $7,500.

While the no-sex or PDA part was definitely challenging, Bryce admitted there was another aspect that he found difficult to deal with. “The most challenging aspect of the show was that it filmed 24/7,” he admitted. “It’s very invasive, obviously, but you kind of get used to it. The people there were so nice and we could always have conversations, but it was constantly being watched. Everyone is always being watched in some way shape or form, so you have to be on your best behavior, in general, or you should be at least. Just knowing that there are cameras everywhere is a little different. It wasn’t too bad. I really enjoyed it overall.”

The sexy contestants aren’t the only stars of Too Hot To Handle. There’s Lana, the Alexa-esque robot who saw everything and kept everyone on their toes. “It took me back to the Smart House days, the Disney Channel Original Movie,” Bryce said.

Bryce noted that he decided to “really use this experience to learn about himself.” He opened up about his self-esteem issues during one of the challenges. “Dating wasn’t really the point. It wasn’t Love Island,” Bryce told HollywoodLife. “Finding love wasn’t the point of the show. I believe the point of the show was to find yourself and be able to love yourself. When I returned from the show, and to this day, I’ve never been happier. I’m just a happy person and okay with who I am.”

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