Trevor Noah: CDC Messaging Is ‘Incoherent’ And Its COVID Chart Is ‘Trash’

Trevor Noah is sick of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The Daily Show” host blasted the public health agency for “incoherent” messaging Tuesday after it released new safety guidelines for the pandemic. (Watch the video below.)

The comedian began by hailing the relaxed recommendations, which offer people ― especially those who are vaccinated ― more freedom from wearing masks outdoors. Noah said it was a sign that “some normal may finally be here.”

But later, he revved up his hot take. Noah targeted the CDC’s cluttered chart, which uses a masked-man graphic to indicate unsafe situations. (The CDC and other health experts have touted the protective power of masks through most of the pandemic.) “Have something that signifies danger, like a skull and crossbones or a picture of R. Kelly,” Noah joked.

He was dead serious in blasting the CDC’s presentation.

“The shit you’re saying to people is incoherent,” Noah declared, calling the chart “trash” and the messaging “unclear.”

“I know the CDC is just trying to cover all the bases, because maybe there’s a tiny chance you could get corona even if you’re vaccinated,” he said. “But if that messaging ends up convincing people that there’s not much of a reason to get vaccinated at all, then we’re shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Watch the whole segment or fast-forward to 3:10 for Noah’s “Viral Rant”:

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