Trump Towers Discreetly Removed From Luxury Travel’s Best Hotels List

A huge shift just took place in the hotel industry, but in spite of it being quietly executed, it loudly tells a powerful tale. Formerly regarded as being among the top echelon in hotels across the globe, the Trump Towers have now been silently pushed out of the way and removed from the listing of the world’s largest travel network, Virtuoso.  In one swift swoop, all 10 hotels that were in any way associated with, or branded by Trump, have now been removed from the list of preferred partners, and are no longer being actively promoted or referred by Virtuoso.

Newsbeezer reports that this is yet another hit for the Trump brand, which has recently been falling from grace, at a very fast pace.

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Of course, there’s enough speculation as to why this huge shift away from Donald Trump’s brand is taking place, but Virtuoso has declined to confirm the reason behind the complete dismissal of every property that is connected to the Trump brand.

Forbes revealed that the managing director of Virtuoso, Misty Belles, stated privacy as the reason she could not be more forthcoming about this situation, “As a rule, we don’t talk about why we engage in non-renewals with partners, and we don’t talk about why they exit just as a courtesy for them and everyone involved,” she said.

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To put this in perspective, Virtuoso represents the highest levels of luxury when it comes to world travel and accommodations. In fact, their motto is; “The best of the best,” and they, of course, have a reputation to protect. According to representatives, there is an annual screening process for each partner that is referred by Virtuoso, which is a reflection of the feedback provided by recent visitors. If there are complaints issued, or low ratings received, contracts are not renewed. They’ve indicated that each referred partner or organization is under review annually, but were unable to confirm specific details as to why the Trump brand was removed with such urgency.

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Unfortunately for the Trump brand, this is not the first of such losses to be recently reported. In fact, Forbes reports that Trump’s hotel management and licensing business was already down” $24 million since 2019, as well as his golf resorts in Miami and Europe, which are down another $120 million.”

Whatever the reason for their removal, the fact remains that the Trump brand is receding from the spotlight, overall. There is no room for error in the world of the elite, and at this moment, it appears the Trump brand simply doesn’t make the cut.

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Sources: Newsbeezer, Forbes

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