Try this easy dishwasher hack to stop water collecting in bowls and pots

Dishwashers can be a massive help when it comes to getting the daily chores done, but anyone who’s had one will know that that they can come with their own set of niggling annoyances.

One of the most common is when water collects in your bowls, pots and any other vaguely domed surface at the end of a cycle because they’ve moved or flipped during the wash.

Thanks to one hack-sharing mum, we may never have to deal with this struggle again – all you need is a cheap single tier drying rack to hold your dishes in place.

Simply turn the rack upside down and place it on top of any dishes or pots you think might get moved in the wash cycle.

The rack will keep them in place while still allowing water to get through to clean your dishes.

A mum first shared this tip on Reddit before it was reposted to an Australian Facebook cleaning group.

The comments on the post are full of people who tested this method and loved it, with one commenter saying it was a ‘fabulous’ idea.

One person commented that they tried using oven racks instead, and another said cake racks were their go-to.

Apparently these alternatives not only worked like a charm but saved them cleaning the racks by hand. Win-win.

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