Twitch Is Offering Lower Subscription Prices Based on Where You Live

Twitch on Monday announced that it was introducing new subscription pricing depending on user location.

“We’ve heard from fans everywhere that it’s not equally affordable around the world to show support, access custom emotes, and enjoy all the other benefits that come with being a subscriber,” the company said in a blog post. “That’s because the price of a Tier 1 subscription on the web is roughly the equivalent of $4.99 USD in every country. This price makes it difficult for many viewers to support their favorite creators, and likewise, prevents creators from being able to grow their communities, make more content, and welcome new fans.”

The company said that number of active users in Europe or Asia who support creators with a subscription is roughly 50 percent lower than that of North America, reflecting a major wealth disparity. In Latin America, the number is 80 percent lower than that of North America.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be adjusting the price of subscriptions (existing subs, new paid subs, and gift subs) in most countries to better align with their local cost of living,” the company said, noting that it planned to start with Mexico and Turkey on May 20. Those countries, Twitch explained, “are home to creators and viewers who have been passionate about this change for quite some time.”

Next, subscription pricing will change in most countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe starting in the third quarter of this year. “This gradual rollout will help the community adjust more smoothly to such an impactful change.”

The full list of local subscription pricing in different countries can be found here. “The most important thing to take away here is that subscription prices in the vast majority of countries outside of the US will be lowered.”

The company said price changes will allow viewers to support their favorite creators from around the world, and will also benefit creators in the long-term with more global subscribers. To help creators adjust to the new pricing model, the company is launching a 12-month program that guarantees a baseline of revenue for eligible creators. The full list of details regarding eligibility can be found here.

Last month, the streaming platform introduced a new feature called chat replies, which allows users to better keep track of fast-moving conversations and respond directly to specific messages.
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