Two Egg Sandwiches Hold Dom Dom Burger's New Chicken Sandwich Together

Despite not being known globally, Dom Dom Burger is a Japanese fast-food chain that can really deliver a unique special release we have come to expect from the nation.

The only way to describe the “Teritama Chicken and Fresh Vegetable Sandwich” from Dom Dom Burger is a chicken sandwich held together by two egg sandwiches. Aside from bringing up the age-old question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?,” the special menu item utilizes Yamazaki’s Lunch Packs Egg Sandwiches which can be found at practically any convenience store or supermarket in Japan. The Teritama Chicken and Fresh Vegetable Sandwich sees toasted Egg Lunch Packs surround a grilled teriyaki chicken thigh paired with a slice of cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.

Priced at ¥580 JPY (approximately $5.40 USD), the Teritama Chicken and Fresh Vegetable Sandwich is now available at Dom Dom Burger locations throughout Japan.

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