Tyson Fury calls out Floyd Mayweather to fight for 'WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt' after he beats Logan Paul

TYSON FURY said Floyd Mayweather would be in prime position to challenge him for the 'WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt' after he beats Logan Paul.

Unbeaten Mayweather is in shock talks to face YouTuber Paul in an exhibition bout.

Despite the mismatch bout facing fierce criticism, heavyweight champion Fury, 32, backed the fight.

And he even called for Mayweather, 43, to fight him once he is done with 0-1 social media star Paul, 25.

Fury told iFL TV: "After he beats Logan Paul he’ll be in prime position to challenge me for the WBC Celebrity Boxing Belt."

Paul lost his boxing debut against YouTube rival KSI, 27, by split-decision last November.

Mayweather last fought as a pro in 2017, beating UFC star Conor McGregor, 32, in ten rounds.

But he did return a year later, stopping featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Tokyo inside a round.

Fury believes 50-0 Mayweather has earned the right to pick and choose whoever he wants to fight in pay-per-view spectacles.

He said: “It’s show business, if it’s going to bring fans to the boxing game then I’m for it, because both got a lot of following on social media me around the world so all good.

“Floyd Mayweather’s been doing this lately for the Conor McGregor fight and the Japanese guy, now he’s on about fighting Logan Paul.

"He’s done all the hard fights against the younger up and coming challengers, he’s fought all the Canelo’s, he’s fought all the [Diego] Corrales and them people, [Jose] Castillo and the [Ricky] Hatton’s, he’s done it all.

“So if the guy wants to fight Mr Blobby in his next fight then fair play to him. He’s earned the right to pick what he wants to do and have a good little play around in the ring."

Fury continued: “Do you not think he’s earned the right to the local bin man if he wants, he’s had how many world title fights, against the best fighters out there, one after the other.

“So the guy deserves to do what he wants to do, if he wants to fight Logan Paul and his brother, his cousin and his brothers sister, at the same time, let him fight whoever he wants.

“The guys 40 odd years old, I’m sure there’s a market for it, so if there’s a market for it and people want to see it, then why not make it happen, and I’m sure everyone will pay for it, pay-per-view, I will, and I’m a boxing fan and I want to see it.

“Everyone will tune in, it’s boxing, it’s Floyd Mayweather, it’s Logan Paul, tune in, pay your 60 dollars and get it.

“It’ll be a giggle won’t it, you never know what can happen, ones a heavyweight, ones a welterweight."

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