Tyson, Ronaldo, and more sports stars who use stem cell treatment costing up to £15,000 to speed up healing from injury – The Sun

THE world's top sports stars are preferring to use stem cell treatment, instead of undergoing major surgery that could leave them out for months.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, and most recently Mike Tyson have all tried the therapy, which can cost anywhere from £4,000 to £15,000, when they've suffered injury.

Ailments that can be treated, include tendon inflammation, muscle strain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and even bone fractures.

And sportsman who have undergone stem cell therapy are benefitting from improved results, as well as a faster recovery time.


Collected from the blood from a newborn baby’s umbilical cord, the bone marrow or from body fat, stem cells are injected into an athletes' affected area.

They get to work by replenishing damaged cells from an injury or through wear and tear.

Stem cells also help reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote soft-tissue growth.

It helps the body to heal naturally, and means sports stars can potentially avoid going under the surgeon's knife.


When you're a top sports star, if you get injured the first thing you want to do is get back into the thick of action as quick as possible.

Unfortunately, many injuries can take a long time to heal, and will never allow the sportsman in question to return to the same level he/she was at before the injury.

That's where stem cell treatment is a game-changer.

Forget surgery, steroid injections, and lengthy physiotherapy, which don't always repair the issue at hand.

Stem cell treatments offer an alternative, albeit at a price, to have a non-surgical therapy that's non-evasive and, more importantly, heals the problem fast cutting out the need of rehabilitation.

Better still, some patients have reported that the therapy has not only reversed existing damage, but has strengthened cells against further damage.


Juventus star Ronaldo and Spanish tennis hero Nadal are all fans of stem cell treatment.

Back in 2016, when the Portuguese forward was playing for Real Madrid, he suffered a hamstring tear that threatened to keep him out of action of an important Champions League game against Manchester City.

Although he missed the first leg, he was back for the second – less than three weeks after suffering the problem.

That same year, Ronaldo tore a collateral ligament in his knee during Portugal’s Euro 2016 final against France.

Again, he turned to stem cell treatment and was back in training with Los Blancos just a month after his knee complaint.

Nadal's chronic knee problems forced him to take seven months off from tennis in 2013.

But stem cell treatment allowed the cartilage to repair. In the seven years since he's won six Grand Slams, there's been no setbacks from his troublesome knee and he appears as mobile as ever.

The Spaniard also cured a long-standing back problem with the therapy.


The former heavyweight champion, who is considering making a comeback, is the latest name to have tried stem cell treatment.

It is not known what Tyson, 53, was suffering from – but he was happy to reveal all in an Instagram chat with basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Iron Mike said: "You know what I had done? I had stem-cell research therapy.

"I feel like a different person but I can't comprehend why I feel this way. It's really wild what scientists can do."

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