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ALISTAIR OVEREEM overcame Walt Harris in the third of UFC's huge main events this week.

But it could have been very different as the American pounced on the Dutchman early in the first and very nearly scored a KO with a flurry of punches.

However Overeem dominated from then onwards and wrapped up the win as he pinned Harris to the ground for most of the second round before scoring a TKO.

Elsewhere, Chito Vera refused to shake hands with Song Yadong, shouting "f*** that" after a controversial unanimous decision defeat.

And Krzysztof Jotko, Dan Ige and Claudia Gadelha all ran out winners via the judges.


    Chito Vera has flown into an incredible rant on Twitter after losing to Song Yadong.

    The Ecuadorian refused to shake hands with the Chinese fighter after being beaten by unanimous decision.

    And afterwards he tweeted: “I don’t lost the fight to the China men I lost to the judges tonight. All my hard work to the f****** drain, I can’t believe this horse s*** tonight.”


    The winner said: “Pandemic or no pandemic you just stay focused, it has been a long ride but I love it.

    “This was a long camp but I love to train so it is no punishment.

    “I was cut in the first round, Walt is a strong guy but this is a five-round main event and I am prepared for that.

    “I landed a high kick and ended it with ground and pound. I want to fight again later this year and see if there is maybe one more shot at the title.


    A brilliant right-foot headkick dropped Harris and Overeem mounted him and rained down dozens of unanswered blows.

    The referee told Harris he had to do something to warrant more time in such danger and the American could not muster a recovery.

    Overeem barely celebrated, instead taking his time to console the broken warrior.

  • ROUND 2

    Overeem wins with second-round TKO.

    Walt Harris made a fabulous start to the round but undid all his good early work.

    Overeem's corner have told him to get back on top and wrestle the striker whenever possible.

    Kickboxer Overeem lands a massive head kick, drops Harris and swarms him.

    Harris receives a battering on the floor but the fight is not stopped.

    Harris is totally vulnerable, belly-to-floor getting hammered from all angles.

    Overeem is just too big and stong and Harris is stopped and left deflated.

  • ROUND 1

    Overeem in side control now and Harris is in trouble on the floor against the bigger man.

    Amsterdam-based Overeem is pinned on top of Harris who will ve fearing a choke from behind.

    Overeem's eyebrow is spewing blood but he now has Harris in a sticky situation with a minute of the opener left.

    Harris made a brilliant start but he is now cornered and getting pasted.

    Overeem is thudding left hands into Harris and both men are saturated in blood and sweat as the bell goes.

  • ROUND 1

    Alistair Overeem and Walt Harris go to battle.

    London-born Overeem takes on the American in his Florida backyard.

    Southpaw Harris starts the round jabbing and prodding and he catches Overeem and drops him.

    The Demolition Man is being broken up in the opening seconds. Harris came so close to winning by KO very early.

    Overeem's left eyebrow is now slashed open but he has just wobbled Harris.


    Angela Hill is not smiling after being handed a points loss.

    The judges decide: 29-28 Hill, 29-28 Gadelha and 29-28 Gadelha.

  • ROUND 3

    It must be one round apiece now so the third is crucial.

    There's a firefight breaking out in the centre of the cage, which striker Hill should dominate.

    Gadelha has not played to her strengths and wrestled enough, boxing has played into Hill's hands.

    Hill gets tagged with a whipped hook punch but is not badly hurt.

    Gadelha drags the fight to the fence and lands a scything elbow.

    The fight ends with the woman whacking each other and then hugging.

  • ROUND 2

    Hill is tagging Gadelha and the Brazilain has tried to grapple her way out of trouble.

    Gadelha scores with a chopping right hand when Hill leaves herself exposed.

    Hill ends the stanza hurling punches and kicks at the South American's head.

    Gadelha's team tell her she must throw more punches, on top of the single jab.

  • ROUND 2

    Hill's team wisely tells her to keep firing straight punches down the middle and add knees to her arsenal.

    Team Gadelha told their charge not to waste too much time grappling aimlessly against the cage wall.

    Gadelha is bleeding now from a shot and Hill drops the heavy favourite with a booming punch.

    Hill lets her wounded opponent stand up and carries on boxing her, Gadelha's nose and eye are now bleeding.

  • ROUND 1

    Womens strawweight action now with Claudia Gadelha vs Angela 'Overkill' Hill.

    American striker Hill needs to keep this battle on the feet because BJJ blackbelt Gadelha will dominate on the canvas.

    Hill looks much more rangey can ping her jab into the Brazilian from distance.

    Gadelha took the battle to fence in the second-half of tge fight and dragged her opponent down to the floor with a minute remaining.

    The bell ends the opener with Gadelha grounding and pounding.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Spend 15 minutes punching and kicking holes in each other.



    Ige shocks Barboza.

    Dan Ige showed serious heart by going toe-to-toe with the bigger man and UFC veteran.

    And Barboza's trademark precision kicking only caught the eye of one of the judges.

    The scores are: 29-28 Barboza, 29-28 Ige and 29-28 Ige.

  • ROUND 3

    Ige's corner ask their man to give them two final “minutes of hell”.

    But Barboza keeps him at bay with meaty kicks to his unguarded legs.

    Ige lands a surprised takdown and thumps in some ground and pound work.

    Ige is on top but Barboza seems happy on his back and is not shipping punches.

    Bell goes and we go to the judges…

  • ROUND 3

    Ige's corner tell their man he has to go all out to win a stoppage win.

    Team Ige cannot trust the judges to give their man the win.

    Barboza scores with a one-two punch combo but Ige has landed more body and head shots so far.

    Barboza lands again and Ige dives for a takedown, Ige scores with a punch but the Brazilian is teak tough.

  • ROUND 2

    Ige has Barboza hurt with heavy punches and Barboza's trademark legkicks are not doing their usual damage.

    Brit MMA hero and UFC pundit things Ige has won the second round.

    But then Barboza produces some expert takedown defence and attempts a submission.

    Ige is still throwing bombs and Barboza's nose is busted open, slashed across the bridge.

    Ige shoots and misses with another takedown, it leaves Barboza on top and thundering down hammerfists. Bell goes

  • ROUND 2

    Barboza's corner is happy with his form but tell him to feint more and throw more kicks and knees.

    Team Ige have patched their man up as best as possible but his right cheekbone remains a weakspot.

    Ige throws caution to the wind and launches a barrage at Barboza from the bell but he is kicked off by Barboza.

    Ige, by far the smaller man, is landing punches in this round and Barboza's face is bleeding and bruised now.

  • ROUND 1

    Barboza makes a perfect start, smashing a right hook into Ige's head and dropping him.

    The Brazilian jumped onto his rival and rained blows down on him before letting Ige escape.

    Ige cannot let the granite-footed Barboza land kicks on his legs but the South American has had plenty of success punching already.

    Ige has worked his way back into the contest and backed the favourite up.

    Ige is bleeding from under his right eye but he has stood his ground in the opener. Round ends…


    Edson Barboza makes his UFC featherweight debut where the Brazilian kick master is looking to make a splash.

    The Rio brute is a KO specialist but Haiwai hardman Dan '50k' Ige could be the man to upset his frand arrival.

    Can Barboza, with the height and reach advantages, bring his power down to feather?


    Jotko celebrates his win in style…


    Jotko gets a unanimous win.

    Jotko landed 54 significent strikes, Anders only 25 but he controlled the grappling

    The scorecards say: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 all to Jotko

  • ROUND 3

    Anders has been dogged and determined but Anders has walked him down.

    How will the judges decide to score this?

    Is Jotko the winner with the more tecnical boxing skills or is Anders the man with the bullish brutal strength who deserves the win on heart alone?

    The fight ends with a dull wrestle up against the cage wall. The judges must decide this…

  • ROUND 3

    Team Jotko warn their man he will come under attack and he must stay away from the cage, using his jab.

    Anders' corner tell their man to use his jab to work his way inside and connect with a big left.

    Jotko throws a lazy spinning backfist and gets driven into the fence again, exactly where his corner told him not to go.

    Jotko has defended takedowns well but has he dominated the fight enough?

    Anders has appeared to be aggressor most often.

  • ROUND 2

    Jotko tries a slicing elbow on the spin but Anders defends well.

    Anders hurls a big left hand but doesn't wobble his opponent.

    Jotko wriggles his way out of a clinch but is targeted again.

    Anders teeters on the edge of a takdown but cannot complete the move.

    The round ends…

  • ROUND 2

    Exciting end to the opening session that will tough for the judges to score.

    Anders' corner tell their man he is working well up against the fence.

    Team Jotko tell their man to calm down and work on making Anders miss.

    The action resumes with Anders shooting for another takedown but Jotko lands a one-two.

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